Mar 18

ARC Review – Cin Wikkid: April Fools For Love by Mary Hughes

Again, Mary Hughes made me smile. Her writing is witty and fun. Cin Wikkid proves that she can really turn just about any story into something hot, fresh and enjoyable. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

Cinderella hungers to escape from under Widow Wikkid’s grinding thumb. But to snare a plum job at Prince Industries, Cin desperately needs her degree, and she can’t wrap her mind around tax accounting.

Then scarred but sexy Rafe Montoya ignites her imagination with his brilliant tutoring—and, as they work together in his cozy apartment, he sets her body on fire. She thinks he’s the one for her, until he starts pushing her to attend Gideon Prince’s marriage-mart ball.

Rafe is really Gideon Prince, head of Prince Industries. He must name his bride by his April first birthday or suffer the loss of his family fortune.

Rumors say he’s still single because women love his money and looks, not him. Is he lonely or just another duplicitous tycoon?

Hopefuls flock to Prince’s birthday ball, but only the woman who is kind, wise, and generous will win his heart. Is it Cin, or will her stepmother, as she always does, snatch the prize for her own daughters?

And on the night of the ball, when Cin discovers Rafe’s true identity, can she even accept his final test?

Warning: Rags-to-riches fairytale meets the texting generation. Stepsisters who are a blush-brush shy of a full makeup set, and a ball gown built like a tank. Contains material intended for mature audiences. Reader discretion advised.

For anyone who has ever been persecuted or hidden their light under a bushel.

Review copy provided for an honest review


Well, welcome to Cinderella in the 21st Century. Cell Phones, tablets, lattes and a glass slipper. purestdelightawardNo, this is not your Bibbity Bobbity Boo Cinderella story because there is no way the Prince Charming I remember would dare to even try to seduce Cinderella.

It’s really hard to review a classic story as Cinderella. What can I honestly say about the story that hasn’t already been said? So, I guess I have to review the author instead.

I adore Mary Hughes. I love how she took a sweet, sentimental story and turned it into sexy, hot story. I loved how she switched things up with our Prince and made him into a regular man just looking for the woman that would love him for himself and not his position in life or money. She interspersed humor throughout the story and then gave us the serious side. The “fairy godmother” was not what I expected and could not have been any further from what we would envision. The step-mother and step-sisters didn’t change much … why would you want to change them, anyway?

But, the stars of the story were definitely Cin and Rafe/Gideon. Cin was a hoot … sneaking around, keeping a tablet in her bra, and, she worked in a Sub shop? And, our Prince Charming disguising himself and working as a tutor? They were both so far off of what we think of when even saying the name Cinderella that you couldn’t help but be amazed at how wonderful Mary Hughes’ imagination is. But, the night of the Ball really blew me out of the water. Believe me, there was no Lesley Ann Warren and Stuart Damon dancing to “Ten Minutes Ago” around the fountain … it was more like, oh, Anastasia and Christian on a rainy Seattle night.

So, again, Mary Hughes made me smile. Her writing is witty and fun. Cin Wikkid proves that she can really turn just about any story into something hot, fresh and enjoyable. I don’t think I have ever read a classic about love at first sight and thought of how it would be if turned into an Adult story. But, I guess Mary Hughes has.


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