Review – Cyberella by Cari Silverwood

Cyberella was a truly enjoyable read that kept me interested and intrigued. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

A story set in the Preyfinders Universe.

Accepting herself when much of her is cybernetic is Ella’s never-ending struggle.

When she’s captured by Torgeir, an alien, mercenary ex-lordship, she prays her struggle is over. He knows what she is and still wants her.

But there are cracks in the mirror…

Strange things are growing.

A lunatic wants to make her his princess, after he modifies her.

What happened to this girl who was, once upon a time, a perfect human being?

Can even her beloved Torgeir love a girl who is nothing like she should be?

The crunch of revelation is coming and this is one cyber-girl who doesn’t like being kept in the dark.

Warning: Kinkiness, capture fantasy, rope bondage, and one weird critter/ pet rock called Mimi.

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Cari Silverwood gives us a capture fantasy with a twist. Writing these wonderful, dark fantasies seems to be a forte of Ms. Silverwood. She always has a way to bring out the best and the worst in her characters and Cyberella was no different. What was different is that Cyberella, being part of the Preyfinder world and not the Pierced Hearts world was not as dark and ominous as I am used to with her. But, I did enjoy Ella and Torgeir’s story. I enjoyed ¬¬¬¬the “otherworld” storyline and the traveling through the ‘verse. But, what I loved most of all was how Torgeir never really gave up on the woman who was his mate.

Trust is not something that Ella knows. Her memories are limited and she knows that she is part Cyborg but has no idea how or why she became that way. Then there is Torgeir, why would he save her? Why would he let her go only to rescue her again? Why would he put his slave stamp on her when he knows how independent she is? Lots of questions and hardly any answers.

There is just something about Ella that draws Torgeir to her. He has no idea why he would rescue her when she has shown him that she doesn’t trust him or his word. But, after making a deal with her and finding out that she is his true mate, there isn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her. When someone, again, tries to take her away and finally succeeds, he finds out that there is nothing that Ella won’t do to keep him away.

Jam packed with intrigue and surprises, off the charts sex, bondage that was tasteful, and just the right amount of love, Cyberella was a truly enjoyable read that kept me interested and intrigued. Cari kept the story moving and managed to really have me wondering how it would all work out and if it was possible to have a HEA between these two characters.

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