ARC Two-fer Review – It’s Only Love (Green Mountain #5) by Marie Force

If you’re looking for a wonderful romance that touches your heart and your soul be sure to check out It’s Only Love, as well as the rest of Green Mountain series. ~ Piper, Guilty Pleasures 

Ella Abbott has long been secretly in love with Gavin Guthrie. A few recent encounters have only added to her infatuation, especially the kiss they shared at her sister’s wedding. It doesn’t matter to Ella that Gavin is in a bad place. He says there’s no hope for a future with him, that he has nothing to offer her. But all Ella cares about is the love she feels.

It’s been seven long years since Gavin lost his brother. He’d kept himself under control and moving forward until his brother’s beloved dog died and his brother’s widow re-married. Since then, he’s been drinking, fighting, and even getting arrested. It seems the only time his demons leave him alone is when Ella is around.

Gavin knows it wouldn’t be fair to drag Ella into his darkness, but when she inserts herself into his life, what choice does he have but to allow her to soothe his aching heart?

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How does one begin a review when you have such admiration for the author. Marie Force never purestdelightawarddisappointments me. I know I am going to get a well written story with all the wonderful thing that make for a great romance. It’s Only Love was no exception.

It’s Only Love is the fifth book in the Green Mountain Series. It’s Only Love is Ella Abbott and Gavin Guthrie’s story. This love story was one the best books I have read this year. I not only connected with Ella and Gavin, but with the whole story. Have you ever been reading a story and realize that you are connecting so deeply to the characters and what they are going through, well that happened for me with It’s Only Love.

Ella Abbott has been in love with Gavin Guthrie for as long as she can remember. Gavin has lost the most important person in life and even though Ella shares his grief, Gavin can not let himself bring Ella into his dark life. Gavin has been struggling since the death of his brother. But, once he sees Ella is the light to balance his dark, these two pick each other up and realize that together they can face the darkest of times.

I honestly don’t know if I have the words to describe how much I loved this book, or how much this book touched my heart. Ella and Gavin’s story is wonderful, sad, laugh out loud, and for me, just the right amount of that sappy love that makes your heart swoon. For me it was the perfect love story.

In It’s Only Love we get to catch up with the whole Abbott clan. My heart broke for Max. I can’t wait to see what Marie has in store for the youngest Abbott. We get to spend a little more time with Wade and Landon Abbott, and of course I want to know more about these two! Coming up next in the series will be Charley Abbott. All I can say is Lincoln and Elmer have their work cut out for them.

If you’re looking for a wonderful romance that touches your heart and your soul be sure to check out It’s Only Love, as well as the rest of Green Mountain series.

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4.5 stars

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Slick-Reads-Avatar---BoxI’ve wanted this book since it became common knowledge that the heroine wanted the hero in atruegemawardprevious books. I wanted this book because the heroine has always been so upbeat and helpful and unconditionally supportive of everyone around her that I felt it was time for her to get her happy on. I wanted this book for the hero who was struggling and lost in a sea of grief and self destructing. I wanted this book because it was so obvious after the kiss they shared at her sister’s wedding that they needed each other desperately. I wanted this book because I knew Marie Force would finally make them both happy and she did, but not without a few twists and turns to get there. Its Only Love proves that love isn’t always easy, but in the end it is so worth it.

Ella Abbott has been in love with Gavin Guthrie for a very long time. She’s watched Gavin deteriorate after his brother and Ella’s brother in law was killed in the line of duty and she’s felt helpless when her attempts to comfort him, to be his friend were met with resistance and cold words. If they had never shared that one memorable kiss she might have been able to forget him, but they did and she’s given up hope he’ll come around until one fateful night that changes their lives forever.

There was much I liked about this book especially that pretty much from the start of it Gavin realized he needed Ella in his life, so the romance began right away. There was no big build up because in honesty their relationship had been building for years and even though Ella thought it was one sided, it became clear that wasn’t the case. I applauded Gavin for warning Ella upfront that he was a mess, but that he was willing to give everything he had to the relationship and warned her he would probably screw up. I loved that Ella was ready and willing to take that chance. Because they knew each other so well, this was a very comfortable relationship from the start and it didn’t take them long to realize how much they craved the intimacy of being together every day. I liked that, it was refreshing that they didn’t play games that they were open an honest about wanting to be together.

Ella’s well meaning and very large family all had their opinions about Gavin and despite the fact he’d been a family friend for many years his reputation since his brother’s death was of great concern for them all. Ella was fierce in her defense of him (something I admired greatly)and while she listened to what they had to say she was clear that he was the man for her.

While they had some ups and downs and Gavin made a really big mistake I liked their adult relationship even if at times they were a little sappy. To be honest I found their sappy moments kind of endearing because it was obvious they were so in love and giddy with one another. Most of all I could feel the relationship healing Gavin’s battered heart and filling Ella’s with a joy she’d never known and that my friends is what love is all about.

Emotional, sexy and yes at times a bit sappy (but in the best way) I thoroughly enjoyed Marie Force’s Its Only Love and can’t wait for the next book in this series.


4.5 stars

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