ARC REview – Hunks, Hammers and Happily Ever Afters by Jodi Redford, Cari Quinn Cathy Clamp, Anna J. Stewart, Amie Stuart, Leah Braemel, Chudney Thomas

A fun collection of men who work with their hands and the women who fall hard and fast for them. ~ Rosalie and Slick, Guilty Pleasures

An anthology of novellas about hunky blue collar, hammer wielding heroes and the women who tame them. Stories are by USA Today Bestselling Authors Cari Quinn, Cathy Clamp, and Anna J Stewart, and featuring authors Jodi Redford, Amie Stuart, Leah Braemel, and Chudney Thomas.

Get down and dirty with this sexy blue collar bundle featuring seven original contemporary romance novellas that range from sweet to sizzling.

KNOCKOUT – Cari Quinn
All Emerson Knapp wants…is everything he shouldn’t have. When all his secrets come to a head, the only question left is how much he’s willing to lose.

Sophie Green is smart, gorgeous, and good with her hands. Can Gabe convince her to make her stay at the Starlight Motel a permanent one?

MARKED FOR LOVE – Anna J. Stewart
Overworked pub manager Regan Murphy is about to have her hands full with Lantano Valley newcomer and tattoo artist Brodie Crawford: a sexy single father who is far too distracting.
*this version of MARKED FOR LOVE is a spiced up version of the original sweet novella of the same title. Includes a never before published epilogue, available ONLY in this boxed set.

KNOTTY MAGIC – Jodi Redford
Hormones be damned, Tully Eastwood won’t succumb to her attraction for a sexy lumberjack—until she finds herself trapped overnight with him in the woods.

SHADY LADY – Amie Stuart
Free spirited, sexually adventurous Cherise Sinclare doesn’t need a forever kind of guy. . . until she finds one willing to fight for her.

UNASHAMED — Leah Braemel
Two sexy construction workers double Hayley O’Connell’s fun. But can they convince her the fun should last forever?

LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR – Chudney Thomas
Mica Lawson is a failure and a flake; at least according to her family. Then one stalled elevator, and a sexy repairman, change her life.

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Knockout by Cari Quinn 4 stars (Reviewed by Slick Reads)

Author Cari Quinn continues her Tapped Out series with Knockout and it was pretty damn delicious. Up and coming MMA fighter Emerson Knapp has wanted his best friend Lily for a long time, but given that her overprotective police officer father is like a father to him he’s put his feelings aside until her friend JC invites them to a housewarming party which turns out to be a party for three. Emerson not only finds himself finally getting his chance with Lily but also coming to terms with his bisexuality. I loved this complicated and sexy story between these three. It was interesting watching Lily show both Emerson and JC that she knew what she wanted and was ready to take it. KC’s take charge attitude and refusal to let any of them hide what they wanted from one another was refreshing. And watching the very closed off Emerson open up to both Lily and KC was a thing of beauty. While I was perfectly happy with where this book left this triad, I really would have liked to see how Lily’s dad handled their unusual relationship down the road and how their friends reacted to them as well but overall a very enjoyable story.

Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp 4 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

Sophie, going to inherit the hotel her favorite grandfather, Mr. Will, left her in his will, finds that she has been set up with one of her grandfather’s favorite friends/coworkers, Gabe, who has also been promised the same hotel, The Starlight. Learning to work together to make the live in hotel for all Mr. Will’s friends turned family, and make the best of a seemingly awkward situation from the beginning, turns out to be rather steamy. The two know each other from photographs, and for years, have longed after the other, due to the pictures. Finding how exactly compatible the two can be in a working environment leads to a super steamy bedroom environment where the two are even more compatible and finally found “home.”

Marked for Love by Anna J. Stewart 5 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

Meeting under rather unusual circumstances at Brodie’s tattoo parlor, Marked, both he and Regan knew there was something special about the other. Neither wanting to date, Regan have to be the matriarch and take care of all of her younger siblings when her mother passed right after having her last sister, and Brodie the sole provider for his daughter, Cilla, but both too hard headed to stay away from each other. When Regan finally agrees to go out with Brodie, from the beginning, the sparks are inevitable and the two know that the strings that are pulling them together cannot be denied. The back and forth and suspense in this novella kept me engrossed and waiting for what would happen next. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, you would be thrown for another loop. A great read that pulled me into the Lantano Valley community and leaves me wanting more.

Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford 3.5 stars (Reviewed by Slick Reads)

So Jodi Redford added a bit of magic into this contemporary story of two people who have had a love/hate relationship for most of their lives, but with a little help from a magic tree that he plans to sell and be cut down their lives are changed forever. I have to admit I loved Tully and her smart mouth and no holds barred opinions and I admired her for finally admitting to Huck that she’s loved him for years. Huck was a little harder to like, but it was obvious his ex-wife had done a number on him and his scars were deep. Forced to help Tully when she appears at his place following a strange car accident, Huck finds it hard to not admire every little think about Tully. I liked these two together and found their verbal banter to be fun and entertaining and even sexy at times. While I had a bit of a hard time with the way they were ultimately brought together it was still a cute story and in the end they both got exactly what they wanted.

Against the Wall by Amie Stuart 4.5 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

Alex is not the girly girl that comes with almost every romance novel. She is a tough, hard as nails, crew supervisor in construction. She has worked her way almost to the top, through hard work, and will do nothing until she’s there. Until sexy as sin Wade comes along. Meeting up with him, accidentally, during a girl’s night, turns into a night neither will forget. After literally taking care of herself, with Wade the center of her fantasy, Lexi takes the bull by the horns. Trying to balance out the job that the two love and need, and find a way to keep up the hot as hell sex leads to a great read with Ms. Stuart’s novella.

Unashamed by Leah Braemel 4 stars (Reviewed by Slick Reads)

I’m a sucker for a good M/M/F ménage and Leah Braemel offers up an interesting one in Unashamed. Best friends and business partners for years Max Moretti and Noah McNaughton are both attracted to Hayley O’Connell the house flipper they do contract work for, but until recently Hayley was with someone and now that she’s not both men intend on making a move. What I really loved about this book is both Max and Noah admitted to each other they were interested in Hayley and agreed they should both date her and see who she clicked with. There wasn’t really any jealousy and while Max worried that she’d prefer Noah because of his rich father, he put forth every effort to make sure Hayley knew he was interested. When they become aware she has a ménage fantasy they are both on board to make her fantasy a reality but in doing so Max and Noah much confront the feelings between them and an incident in their past. I loved that Hayley wasn’t judgmental about Noah’s pan sexuality or the fact that Max was coming to terms with his feelings towards Noah. I felt the intimate scenes between them were sensual and sexy and absolutely showed the bond between them all. Most of all I liked that there was some time between their first encounter to them making some big life decisions, but to be honest I wanted to see what happened in that time (because I’m nosey and I can’t help it). While it seemed they rushed to the “I love you” stage especially where Hayley was concerned; I had to remind myself that they’d worked together for years, they shared meals, off time and talked during that time so while they may not have “dated” in the traditional sense these three knew each other and thus went easily from friends to lovers to more because of that relationship. Unashamed is a beautiful story of three people finding and accepting love even if it is a bit unconventional.

Love In An Elevator by Chudney Thomas 2.5 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

The plot in this novella seemed to start very well laid out. Micah, striking out on her own from under rather affluent parents, meets the elevator repairman, Cam, when she keeps calling in elevator “issues”. Most of her issues revolve around her panic attacks and hyperventilating due to claustrophobia, but do lead to meeting Cam. Their brief courtship and relationship lead up to one steamy sex scene, but that’s it. The ending happened so quickly, out of the blue, leaving so many questions. There was an ending, but nothing that led up to the ending. I feel that if the relationships in the book could have been explored more, and blossomed, this could have been a great novella.


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