Review – His Rebellious Queen by Casey McKay

A rebellion is right around the corner. Can Lyra help her husband, or is he the one that shouldn’t be trusted? ~ Rosalie Belle, Guilty Pleasures

Lyra didn’t expect her arranged marriage to be easy. But she also didn’t think it was going to be so hard. Moving to a distant planet to become queen was one thing. Learning to take orders from her Alpha, warrior husband was quite another.

Astor knew from the moment he was appointed king there would be no other woman for him. Fulfilling a promise from his past to protect and keep her safe, he claims Lyra as his wife and queen. When she routinely skirts the rules and defies his orders, he realizes he will need to take his feisty wife in hand in the way the Cassians have done for centuries.

But when a plot for revolution follows the new queen and the secrets they’re both keeping become exposed, will Astor be able to convince his rebellious queen that they are on the same side or will Lyra’s trust come too little too late?

His Rebellious Queen is a sci fi romance about love, trust, and starting over.

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After getting an insight into this couple’s marriage, which joined two planets, in Taming His Queen,atruegemawardwe are given more into the life of Lyra and Astor. This book goes into detail on how the two met, the arrangement of their marriage, and their married life. I do should make everything easy, right? Not with these two!

Throughout this read, there are ups and downs in the marriage of the two. These ups and downs aren’t necessarily their own doing, but of course outside forces that have a major impact on the union. A revolution is plotted against Astor’s planet and people, but will sweet Lyra be able to stop if from coming to fruition? Read this book to see all that Lyra went through, with lots of hot lovin’ showing how amazingly compatible the two truly are, and the Domestic Discipline that could eventually help Lyra let go all that is bad in her life if she only allows it. Great read! Can’t wait to read more from this author!


4.5 stars

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