Three-fer Review – Caged (Mastered #4) by Lorelei James

Caged is the best book Lorelei James has ever written. ~ Angeline, Guilty Pleasures

In order to survive a life of tragedy, Deacon McConnell embraced his roughest edges and learned to fight on the streets. Then a life-changing jujitsu seminar led by Sensei Ronin Black led Deacon to become a professional fighter. With his muscular physique and his body covered in tattoos and scars, the MMA fighter defines mean, both on and off the mat.

But everything changes when innocent Molly Calloway signs up for his kickboxing class. Molly is Deacon’s opposite in every way: She’s kind, sweet, thoughtful, and educated. After a heated argument between them turns into a passionate encounter, Deacon realizes Molly is eager to experience more, and she looks to him to take her to the darker edge of lust….

The last thing either of them expects is how deeply their lives will be thrown upside down by the passion they find together.

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It is not a secret that I’m a huge fan of Lorelei’s work. Having read every published book by Miss purestdelightawardJames, I can say that, to me, Caged is the best book she has ever written. I absolutely loved these characters and their story.

Deacon is a force to be reckoned with. Tragedy struck at an early age, making Deacon learn to fight on the streets. An encounter with Ronin Black changed Deacon’s life for the better. Meeting Molly changed his life for the best.

Sweet Molly is the exact opposite of Deacon in so many ways. When Molly signs up for Deacon’s kickboxing class to learn self-defense, a friendship is born. Staying “safe” in the instructor/student sense can only last so long. As their friendship heats up and turns into more, both Deacon and Molly must learn to rely on each other.

I was drawn in from page one, with fantastic characters and their amazing story. Past characters visit us from the other books in the series. I always love how seamlessly Miss James shows us what the others are up to. In particular, Ronin was his amazing self and I fell in love with him a bit more and it wasn’t even his book! LOL

Caged is a refreshing take on the world of MMA fighting. The plot felt new to me. There are a few twists I didn’t see coming. The entire book was truly spectacular. I loved Caged so much that I’ll read it time and again.

Deacon is in my “Top 5 Hero List” of all time. I give Caged, 5+ Sexy Stars!!


This series has drawn me in from the moment Lorelei talked about the concept of Bound and Unwound, and with each book I think she just can’t come close to this greatness. Every book she makes me take back those words, because each time there is some aspect that connects me to the characters in a different way than the last set. ~ KcLu, Guilty Pleasures 


Every time I open my e-reader to a new Lorelei James book, I know I am getting a great read, butpurestdelightaward every single time she blows me away at the beauty and power in her words. This series has drawn me in from the moment Lorelei talked about the concept of Bound and Unwound, and with each book I think she just can’t come close to this greatness. Every book she makes me take back those words, because each time there is some aspect that connects me to the characters in a different way than the last set. Caged is Deacon and Molly’s story. They have been fighting their attraction to each other since they met in Bound.

I fell in love with Deacon with in the first 5 chapters. He real is one of those characters that just pull you in, and holds you in his sexy clutches. He is a true alpha male with a sensitive side he only shows to Molly. I love the fact that he stresses over being romantic enough for her. It isn’t easy for him, but he just really wants her in his life for always. He just has to convince her of that, and keep the outside forces from driving them apart.

Molly is so feisty. She has really come out of her shell, and changed from the broken woman we met at the beginning of Bound. Her time at Black Arts dojo has really done wonders for her, but at times her past does get in the way of her happiness.

The explosive chemistry between these two just really scorches you as the reader. There are scenes between them that had me reaching for ice water. I have to say that the thing I love the most about this book is that yes Molly has insecurities, but never once in the whole book did I think she was one of those too stupid to live characters. It made her more real to me. She didn’t use her issues as a way to push Deacon away, and most certainly she is willing to fight not only for him but her self too. Incase you couldn’t tell from the rest of this, I highly recommend this book and series!!! They are truly works of pure greatness.


I always know when I pick up a Lorelei James book that I’m going to get a great story, with characters I can’t help but fall in love with, humor, and some smoking hot sex–CAGED is no exception. I loved Molly and Deacon’s story! ~ JavaGirl, Guilty Pleasures 


CAGED is one of my favorite books in Lorelei James’ Mastered series. In UNRAVELED, Deacon atruegemawardMcConnell balked when his good friend, Knox Lofgren would talk about his relationship or his feelings, something not high on Deacon’s list of favorite activities. It’s only fitting, and pretty funny, that he end up with a woman who insists that he use his words. It was during one of Knox and Deacon’s talks, that Deacon first captured my attention. His personal revelation to Knox intrigued me and I wanted to know more about him. Both Molly and Deacon have family horror stories that will break your heart, and make you mad at the same time. Deacon is extremely Alpha, and more than a little rough around the edges, but I loved how sweet he could be with Molly and that he was there for her when she needed him, even when she didn’t think to ask for his support. I loved watching the two of them grow into their relationship, especially Deacon, who was emotionally stunted. Molly has really blossomed since we first met her in BOUND. Her self-confidence has grown so much, though she still has moments of insecurity (don’t we all?).

CAGED is sexy, funny, sad, and romantic; a very entertaining read, with engaging, well-developed characters that I loved getting to know better.


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  1. I love this series and this book sounds amazing. Cant wait !

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