Review – A Turn of the Screwed [Suncoast Society] by Tymber Dalton

This is not an easy or fluffy love story. These three have to work for their happily ever after, and when they get there they are stronger for it. ~ KcLu, Guilty Pleasures 

Noel has spent the past two years of her ten-year marriage to Scott trying to be his Domme after he admits he thinks he’s gay and knows he’s kinky. When she gives him permission to go be happy, to find a guy who can take care of his needs, he meets Keith. She wants what’s best for Scott, but why’d his Dom have to be so damn hunky?

Scott loves Noel and hates breaking her heart, but he’s spent his life trying to deny who he is. When he meets Keith, he realizes this is perfection. He just wishes he didn’t have to leave Noel.

Keith loves Scott and admires the man’s devotion to Noel. He feels for Noel and realizes that, no matter what, someone will lose to make someone else happy.

But then a stormy night changes everything, and Keith realizes maybe the obvious answer to their mutual happiness has been in front of them the entire time…

** A Siren Erotic Romance

The other books in the Suncoast Series are standalone works, but are best read in the following order to reduce spoilers:
Safe Harbor Cardinal’s Rule Domme by Default The Reluctant Dom The Denim Dom Pinch Me Broken Toy A Clean Sweep A Roll of the Dice His Canvas A Lovely Shade of Ouch Crafty Bastards A Merry Little Kinkmas Sapiosexual A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day Things Made Right Click Spank or Treat A Turn of the Screwed Chains Kinko de Mayo Broken Arrow Out of the Spotlight (Coming Soon) Friends Like These (Coming Soon) Vicious Carousel (Coming Soon)


You get 19 books into a series, and you think, well there has to be a bad one in there? I mean an purestdelightawardauthor can’t get it right every time. Or can she? I have read every single book in the Suncoast Society series, and I can tell you that in my opinion these are some of the best books I’ve read. It is a series that I auto buy. I never read the blurbs. I love going into them blind, and seeing what new surprises are coming from it. The first one in this series I read was a book that to this day haunts me still, The Reluctant Dom. I read that on DiDi’s suggestion, and I am so happy I did. Not only did it introduce me to three characters that have my heart still, but also it lead me to one of my favorite authors. Here we are at book 19, and she has sucked me in again. This is not an easy or fluffy love story. These three have to work for their happily ever after, and when they get there they are stronger for it.

The opening of this book gives you two broken people that love each other very much, but one of them is missing a very important part of him. While Noel has tried to give Scott the things he needs, it isn’t enough. So she has given him permission to seek out the possibility of finding the man/Dom he needs. She has given him rules to follow, but just really wants him to be happy. Even though it is ripping the heart from her chest. The both have come to the terms that they will be divorce in the future. It has come to the point of waiting for the when instead of the if.

Keith is at this weekend play party looking for that illusive single gay submissive. He has tried playing at the local clubs, but most of the gay men there are attached. He isn’t one for cheep hook ups, and when he meets Scott he see the potential for a long relationship. Except there is the little issue of Scott being married. Will this budding relationship finally spell the end for Noel and Scott, or will another option come to the light?

The combinations of these three are truly amazing. Each one brings something so different to the bond. I really loved seeing this journey unfold. It truly isn’t something easy to watch unfold, but when they get to the place they are meant to be it is extraordinarily wonderful. This world Tymber has created is one I hope it get to visit for many years to come, because there aren’t many BDSM series that are so genuine to how it actually is. It is a great thing to read. I highly recommend you read not only this book, but also the whole series. Though if the task of reading a 19 book series is a little daunting for you, they can be read as stand-alones.


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