ARC Review – Silver Bastard (Silver Valley #1) by Joanna Wylde

I thought the plot of the story was very original, and planned out well.  It was captivating and pulled you right into their world.   ~ Rhayne, Guilty Pleasures 

Fourteen months. For fourteen months, Puck Redhouse sat in a cell and kept his mouth shut, protecting the Silver Bastards MC from their enemies. Then he was free and it was time for his reward—full membership in the club, along with a party to celebrate. That’s when he saw Becca Jones for the first time and set everything in motion. Before the night ended he’d violated his parole and stolen her away from everything she knew.

Five years. It was five years ago that Puck destroyed Becca and saved her all in one night. She’s been terrified of him ever since, but she’s even more terrified of the monsters he still protects her from… But Becca refuses to let fear control her. She’s living her life and moving forward, until she gets a phone call from the past she can’t ignore. She has to go back, and there’s only one man she can trust to go with her—the ex-con biker who rescued her once before.

Puck will help her again, but this time it’ll be on his terms. No more lies, no more tears, and no more holding back what he really wants…

This edition only: A new Silver Valley story .

Review copy provided for an honest review


Silver Bastard is book one in the new Silver Valley series. It’s a loose spin-off from the Reaper’s series and there are some characters that cross over. If you need a Reaper’s fix, I think you will enjoy this.

Puck met Becca the day he was released from prison on a weapons charge. Her Step-father was the host for the night until they rode home the next morning. He saw Becca across the room and instantly knew he had to have her. Without divulging too much of the story; a lot of chaos went down that night and Puck helps Becca escape the nightmare she has been living. He takes her back home and sets her up with people to care for her then all but vanishes from her life.

Five long years pass and the story picks back up with Puck re-entering her life. He’s waited long enough and he’s ready to claim her as his own.

Becca has grown up in the MC life and has made a promise to herself to never be like her mother. As hard as she tries to resist Puck,

there is just something about him that drives her crazy, heats her up, and scares the shit out of her all at the same time.

I thought the plot of the story was very original and planned out well. It was captivating and pulled you right into their world. The balance between action and romance was great. We follow them through a rocky and dangerous path as they discover their feelings and ultimately fight to hold on to what they have. I really like how the series intertwined with the Reaper’s and we get a sneak peek at what is happening in their world.

With this being the first in a new series there was quite a bit of introduction and place setting. This will be helpful for the remaining books in the series, but with this book I didn’t feel like I was completely engulfed in the story until I was about halfway through.

I also struggled with Becca a bit. I understand she had a rough upbringing. I understand she had overcome a great deal. With her history, I was surprised she didn’t make better choices. She just seemed to be a bit of a head case for me and I had a hard time relating to her character.

One other thing I really had a hard time with was the lack of resolution with her mother. She was an evil lady and the things she did to Becca and allowed to be done to Becca were unforgivable. I also can’t see Puck allowing her to be among the living after what she did to his Old Lady. I just felt like there was no form of justice.

Overall this was an OK book for me. I’m kind of on the fence with it. So much I really liked, but there were just a few issues I had that I couldn’t overlook. I really think the series will pick up and the introduction we are given for book two leaves me very intrigued.


3.5 Stars

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