Review – Scorched (Sequel to Sizzle) by Sarah O’Rourke

Molly and Devil are scorching hot! ~ Ashley, Guilty Pleasures

The Devil took a bride in Sizzle. He realizes that very bride is going to be the death of him in Scorched! (Standalone novella; 42K; only 99 cents for a short time!)

Molly Ramsey Delancy loves her husband. She truly does. They have a beautiful daughter together and she knows she will spend the rest of her life with this gorgeous man.

If she doesn’t kill him first, that is.

William “Devil” Delancy conquered the business world, then realized that his life wasn’t complete with he beautiful Molly. Surely marrying her and building a family together would be a piece of cake, right?

Enter the crazy crew that together they call a family. And right at the top of their family tree is one of Molly’s dearest friends (and Devil’s anal retentive assistant) Mannie. Can Devil keep his wife sane while she plans Mannie’s wedding to his lover, Nick? Can Molly resist from maiming Devil when he keeps valuable information from her that could affect Mannie’s everlasting happiness?

Join this racy, rollicking romantic comedy that will take you from giggles to gasps and see just how far the Devil can push the unsinkable Molly before she ONCE AGAIN sets both their worlds on fire. Romantica, erotica, humor, comedy and much more await in this romantic novella!

Ashley-Avatar---Box (1)

Thank you Sarah O’Rourke for this novella. Sizzle was one of my favorite reads and this couple purestdelightawardare hilarious. This story was not only about Molly and Devil growing as new parents but also their hilarious friends. The heat is still going strong between the two if their family ever gives them time alone.

Molly is planning her gay BFF’s wedding and between that drama and a new baby she has totally forgotten that she has a hot husband that needs her attention.

Devil pulls all out the stops to make sure that Molly knows that their marriage comes first and he is more in love and hot for her than ever.

I hope this novella sets up the next book in this “series” and if it doesn’t, I am asking for more from this group.

Great fun read that gives an update on one of my favorite couples.


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