Review – Learning the Ropes (Rodeo #3) by T.J. Kline

Learning the Ropes by T.J. Kline, brings to light, the misconceptions many of us have about our self-worth and reminded me just how important it is to go after what we want to make ourselves happy. ~ Alyn Love, Guilty Pleasures 

Rule #1—Don’t lose focus…

Barrel racer Alicia Kanani has had a long road to the top – and she’s not quite there yet. Finances have always been tight, and in the glitz and glam world of professional rodeo, that means that second best is probably the best she can hope for. With the National Finals coming up, she’s certainly not looking for a pair of cowboys to distract her.

Rule #2—Don’t gamble what you can’t live without…

Playboy Chris Thomas is sure Alicia’s the perfect woman for his level-headed team roping partner, David Greenly. It seems like a match, until Chris realizes he wants Alicia for himself. The stakes have been raised; David and Chris are supposed to be a team, and this time, they’re on opposite sides.

Can Alicia rope this playboy’s heart, or will they find themselves too tangled up to let true love in?

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I know everyone has different tastes and I am a self-proclaimed paranormal junky but there is something about a good cowboy read that warms my heart. Learning the Ropes by T.J. Kline, is one such book. The story brings to light, the misconceptions many of us have about our self-worth and reminded me just how important it is to go after what we want to make ourselves happy.

Alicia Kanani’s dream of getting a ranch for her parents and running her own business is just out of reach. She is a well-practiced barrel racer, earns money with her wins, but can’t seem to reach that big win that would give her enough money to finally purchase the property she has had her eye on. It doesn’t help that her rival Delilah is always reminding her of her losses, or her status compared to the wealth Delilah has grown up with. If Alicia could just come out on top for the next few rodeo’s she would be able to put Delilah behind her and live her dream.

Chris Thomas and David Greenly are two of the best roping partners on the circuit. Always on top, the two never miss a beat. Ready for the next competition, the two are focused on the prize until Chris sees his childhood friend Alicia getting ready for her next race. Chris has always been fond of Alicia but he doesn’t do commitment. Even though his reputation speaks volumes about a love em and leave em type of attitude, Chris rarely, if ever, lives up to it. Then again, if that is what people think, why dispute it.

When Chris and Ali reconnect at the rodeo, Chris sets out to pair Ali up with David. When Chris sees his childhood friend and his best friend together, a spark of jealousy erupts and he puts himself in a position to lose his best friend, his roping partner, and the love he denied for far too long.

This really was a sweet story. While it did have some lulls that I had to push through, I found myself rooting for Ali, hoping she would get the future she deserved. What I did have issues with was the fact that Ali clearly lacked feelings for someone but lead him on for quite some time. I do understand that sometimes people are willing to see if feelings develop, but this really wasn’t the case. Without spoiling the story, Ali, David, and Chris each have difficult issues to deal with whether it is growing up poor and being stereotyped, dealing with an abusive, alcoholic father who puts the weight of the world on the shoulders of his children, or trying to overcome a reputation that is standing in the way of reaching a goal. All of these scenarios amidst a love triangle make for an interesting read that will make you laugh, smile, and at times yell at a character to simply punch someone in the face (I was seriously cheering for this). We all deserve love, we just need to remind ourselves of that more often.


3.75 Stars

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