ARC Review – Dare To Love Series: Twice as Daring (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Sami Lee

Holy Snapping Duck Shit this is a shining example that good things that come in small packages! ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Publicist Abby Lehman likes her job—until she finds herself working as a glorified babysitter for cocky-as-the-devil NFL star Sam Cormack. Sam is unpredictable, unruly, impossible—and also impossibly sexy. It has taken all Abby’s willpower to keep from throwing herself at him like one of his groupies. When her boss insists she accompany Sam to a black tie restaurant opening, things heat up even further. And when she finds out Sam has also been lusting after her she throws caution to the wind and indulges in a hot tryst with him that threatens her career as well as her heart.

Sam knows he screwed up with Abby and curses his impulsive nature. Making love to her was something he’d wanted for a long time, but he should have taken things slower with her, made sure they got to know each other. Now she thinks he only wants her for sex, just when Sam’s realizing she’s the first woman to make him want the real deal in a long time.

Can he make her believe he’s ready to put his playboy days behind him and start something real with his Miss Right?

Review copy provided for an honest review


Wow, I’m simply blown away by Sami Lee’s foray into Carly Phillip’s Dare World! Twice as Daringpurestdelightaward is a funny, smart, and amazingly sexy romp between an Australian football player for the Miami Thunder, Sam Cormack and the public relations specialist tasked with cleaning up his image, Abby Lehman.

As the Kindle World stories are novella length this story moved at a fast pace yet I never felt cheated, Lee did an amazing job of filling in background information on the characters as well as their previous business encounters. I loved the way these two lobbied verbal insults back and forth which amounted to foreplay for them as they both began to realize there was an attraction that neither one of them wanted to deny.

The intimate scenes were beyond hot with their encounters often out of control and beyond scorching hot. But in addition to the fabulously written sex scenes, these two characters had a lot of heart and found they really admired a lot about the way they conducted themselves both at work and at play.

A novella that reads like a full length novel Twice as Daring is a shining example of good things that come in small packages and it is a welcome addition to the Dare World!


4.5 Stars

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