Kitty’s Experience at #FiftyShadesFirst #FiftyShadesToday

I’m no Siskel and Ebert but, I know what I like. I know what I wanted to see in Fifty Shades and I saw it. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures

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What a wonderful day, Friday, February 6, 2015 turned out to be. Traveling to New York City as a #OfficialFifty VIP Guest of the Today Show to screen Fifty Shades of Grey was not something that I thought I would be doing. But, thanks to a wonderful woman, I had a trip of a lifetime. Fifty Shades, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Erica L. James, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Carson Daly, Savannah Guthrie and probably some I didn’t  see, made me one happy person. Then, to put icing on the cake, I got to meet the wonderful Carly Phillips and Kristen Proby. I don’t think I could have been happier.

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But, this really isn’t about me or the thrills that I had traveling to NYC. This is about a movie. A movie that I had doubts about seeing. A movie that I had no idea how it was being made with an R rating. A movie with so much attention that I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype. So “CURIOUS”? Yes, I was. I needed questions answered and, deep down, wanted to see for myself how this was going to play out.

Were my questions answered? Yes. Was I pleasantly surprised? Yes. Wil lI go see the movie with friends? YES! Part of me wants to see the movie a second time to make sure I didn’t miss anything. And, I think I want to see it without all the screaming and oohing and ahhing going on. So, no, I won’t go opening week-end … I’ll wait until a little bit of the excitement dies down.

Now,there is a lot to be said about the movie and it’s going to be hard with “NO SPOILERS”. But, I signed a contract with penalties of punishment with regards to that and, even though punishment by Christian Grey sounds enticing, I won’t break my promise. You will have to see the movie and, since you already know the story line, I don’t think spoilers will be a problem.

Dakota Johnson …. wow … she nailed the part of Anastasia Steele. Fun,funny, sweet, sexy, shy. She played this part like it was made for her and her alone. I have no idea where she pulled the emotions from, what inner part of her she drew from to make Anastasia so believable. She gave 100% to the part and you really, really did see Anastasia Steele come to life.

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey? Yes, please and thank you. You know the torment and pain that haunts Christian Grey. Jamie Dornan played the non-nonchalant billionaire to a “T”. He had your heart pounding,and your legs crossing. I would have loved to see a little more angst in him at times and the true dominant come out during the Red Room scene. But, other than that, he made Christian into a man that we would all love to meet … to be dominated by … to have his attention focused on me entirely. Yes, Christian Grey lives and breaths via the actor known as Jamie Dornan.

The supporting cast fit right in. Eloise Mumford and Luke Grimes as Kate Kavenagh and Elliot Gray were wonderful. And, Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Grace Trevelyan Gray could not have been cast any better – boy,did she pull off that character.

As for the movie itself, well I congratulate E.L. James for her input …for keeping the movie true to the book and making sure that everything was done tastefully, with style and grace. Sam Taylor-Johnson directing the movie was just genius. She brought E.L. James’ visions to life with scenes that I am sure were very hard to direct. How do you direct the ice cube scene? How do you direct the Red Room? What do you say to these actors to bring out the best in them while they are making love, while they are feeling the sting of the belt, while they are trying to face the feelings of dominance and submission? I have no idea how she did it, but, Dear Lord, she did it with flare, with scenes that will leave you breathless and wishing for more.

Now, for the fun part. There was one scene in the movie that had me panting and wanting more. That had me wishing I was Anastasia Steele… no, it’s not in any of the movie trailers, it has not been seen yet (unless you were there on February 6, 2015). So, you have to go see the movie. On the line, the movie tie-in book of Fifty Shades of Grey. Guess which scene was my favorite, had me panting, had me crossing my legs, taking a deep breath and saying “wow”. Guess right and the book could be yours. I think it is going to be interesting to see what scene had you on the edge of your seat.

So, as you can tell from this review, my little trip to NYC was well worth leaving my house at  1:00 am in  -4 degree weather, walking the streets of New York at 5:00 am and hoping that I was getting on the right subway to get me to the Ziegfeld. All my fears and doubts were put to rest. I had a wonderful time, thanks to Didi, saw a wonderful movie, met some wonderful people and got my own key to the Red Room of Pain. I’m no Siskel and Ebert but, I know what I like. I know what I wanted to see in Fifty Shades and I saw it. I am sure there are other opinions out there that may not be the same as mine but, I respect everyone’s opinions and have no expectations that everyone will love the movie as much as I did. So, Five Popcorn Boxes toDakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Now, go see Fifty Shades of Grey and be prepared to be, well, you’ll see….

Mr. Grey will see you now……

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The amazing swag that we were given prior to the screening. 


At the screening…..


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New movie poster give at screening 


On the “Grey” carpet 


 Screen from our seatsimage1 (4)

EL James 

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Carson Daly




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4 thoughts on “Kitty’s Experience at #FiftyShadesFirst #FiftyShadesToday

  1. Thanks for the info about the movie, I’ve not decided if I will see it yet but your review certainly helps with my decision.

    1. I was totally undecided until Didi gave me this wonderful opportunity. I was so glad that I went and was thrilled with the portrayals of the characters. Thank you for leaving a comment and stopping by.

  2. How exciting that you got to go to NY and have a wonderful experience! Thanks for your take on it. Oh I am curious to see how they are going to put the book on the big screen. Looking forward to seeing it.

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