Review – May in December by Dawn Flemington

This story tested all my emotions. I was put through the emotional ringer. ~ Paige Turner, Guilty Pleasures

Bruce Deirmann has lost everything. His job, his house, his children and his partner. The holidays are fast approaching and even though he has a well-meaning ex-wife cheer leading him on and his daughter’s wedding in the wings, he still feels hopeless. At the end of his rope, he is challenged to make an early resolution–to start living again.

Jorry Nelson is a quirky dog walker who’s made a few resolutions himself. Alone in the world, he is determined to better his life and get out of the illegal job he is trapped in. A childhood friend of Bruce’s children, he enters Bruce’s life at the right time and the attraction on both parts is immediate.

Love blossoms like May in the cold of December. However, trouble follows Jorry and though he and Bruce are working on a new beginning for the both of them, will Jorry be able to leave his past activities behind? Or will they haunt the couple and tear them away from each other before true love and happiness have a chance to live?

Review copy provided for an honest review


This book wasn’t what I expected. What I thought was going to be a second chance at romance with a bit of drama turned into so much more. While it contains romance, it was also highly suspenseful and very emotional read. Some parts were very difficult to read. The author did a great job keeping me in the story.

This author does a great job with character development in this short read. I fell for Bruce in the first pages. He was such a sweetheart. I was hoping he would get his HEA. He has gone through a lot past few years. I loved how he is there to help his family, ex-wife and Jorry.

Oh Jorry. If he didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have any. This is until he reconects with Bruce. There were a few times in the book that I couldn’t decide if i wanted to shake him or hug him. He had such a troubled past but wanted to change.

While it’s a short read, and I would have loved to read more about the characters, I don’t think my emotions could have handle it.

There were a few storylines that were left unfinished and a few characters that I needed a bit of closure on but overall I liked it.


3.5 Stars

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