Review – A Dangerous Reality (The Bent Zealots MC #1) by Layla Wolfe

I need to give this story credit for being pretty original. MM bikers? Bring it on! ~ Leigh, Guilty Pleasures

Keep your lovers close—and your enemies in bed.
TURK: My club sent me to track him down. And when my mission was over, I never wanted another one again. When I found him, I kicked the crap out of Havelock Singer. I issued the mightiest beatdown of all time. Problem is, we’re evenly matched. We’re equals in every way, and when we finished whaling on each other, exhausted, we fell into each other’s arms.

I’ve never regretted it for an instant. It’s been the ride of my life. But loving another man in the MC world is a risky business. As if our business isn’t already brutal and ruthless enough, Lock’s homophobic sergeant-at-arms Stumpy gets an eyeful of our lovemaking and blackmails us into doing some of his dirty work, or be exposed for what we are—a couple of deviants.

This run into the Indian reservation is sleazy and beneath us, but now I’m cornered, and I’ll do anything to keep my sweet master Lock from being lynched by his club.

LOCK: When that kingpin Carmine Rojas got a load of my beautiful stallion Turk Blackburn, he’d stop at nothing to have him—and Rojas gets what he wants. It’s my fault we’re in this situation. I should’ve kicked Turk’s ass and sent him packing back to The Bare Bones. I wasn’t even close to being ready to come out, but now they’re forcing my hand.

I can hear my destiny calling me. Either I’ll slink back to my club like a hetero bounty hunter with no morals—and no respect from anyone in my own backyard—or I’ll step up to the plate and be the lion of the day.

Either way, my lover and I are screwed. Our clubs are going to hound us underground or into another country before we escape this mess—if we don’t die trying.

“Living off the grid and being an outlaw brings a dangerous reality.” –Ron Perlman

Publisher’s warning: This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes of gay sex, consensual BDSM, illegal doings, dubious consent, and man-on-man violence.


This was one of the first books I can honestly say I had a lot of trouble rating. Did I like it?

I think so.

But I’m not entirely sure.

First of all, I need to give this story credit for being pretty original. I’ve read a ton of MC series, but this is the first one where it was MM bikers. Bring it on! That was a new one for me! And considering I love MC stories and I can totally get in to an MM story, this seemed like the best of both worlds. The characters were all interesting and passionate and the story itself was good. There were just some odd little nits to the story that bothered me. Perhaps this is because all of my motorcycle club knowledge has come from other books, or maybe it was because this book was so different, but a lot of what I read in this story didn’t seem to jive with how I imagined the MC world.

For example, the language. There was a lot of racial slurs and boy, they were starting to get extremely creative! Yet “Great Caesar’s Ghost” was the expletive of choice. Really? I expected something a little dirtier than that. Or the road names that these people had. They were insane. Or the easy acquiescence with blackmail. I thought these were a bunch of tough guys?!

Once I got past the little issues, however, I did like the story. The MC world portrayed was one that was dark and violent. The dilemma that Lock went through when trying to justify that he was not gay, even though he truly did enjoy Turk’s company, was one that rang true, and the growing relationship between Locke and Turk was enjoyable to watch. Their interactions were sometimes violent, sometimes tender, but always passionate.

As the start of a new series where the Bent Zealot members are into MM romances, I am interested to see where this will go. The idea of an entire club of badass gay bikers with their “Old Man”, rather than the typical “Old Lady” is one that has my attention.


3.75 Stars

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