ARC Review – Some Like It Sizzling (A Perfect Recipe #3) by Robbie Terman

While not my favorite book in this series, Some Like It Sizzling had some bright spots which made it not a total loss. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Former model and restaurateur Jenna Rawley has a plan. Marry the man who looks best on paper, and live the secure life she craved as a child. But when her fiancé runs off, with her money, Jenna’s left with nothing but the past she’s spent years outrunning. With no other options, she’s forced to move back home, find a second job, and come face-to-face with a man who has every reason to distrust her.

Firefighter Luke Kearney never forgave Jenna for leaving town after he proposed in high school. So, he’s not especially happy when he’s forced to plan their fifteen-year-reunion with her. Jenna is the last person he can trust. But the more they work together, the more Luke realizes that the girl who broke his heart might have become the woman he could love forever.


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I loved the first two books in author Robbie Terman’s A Perfect Recipe series and there were aspects of Some Like It Sizzling that I loved but overall this book had too much drama left over from high school to make me love it. I get these two had what could be considered a bad breakup, it is easy to see they still have chemistry together, and I understand that the trust they once had was broken but there was more than one occasion where I wanted to slap one or both characters upside the head and say “snap out of it.” Seriously, it was HIGH SCHOOL…you are suppose to be older and wiser and you should be able to now look at it as an adult and realize that you both still needed to grow up (and if you can’t then perhaps you really shouldn’t be together or you still need to grow up).

Jenna Rawley broke Luke Kearney’s heart when she left town the day after their high school graduation and the day after he proposed. Jenna always wanted more out of life and went to Europe to become a model only those plans fell quite short of what she wanted and Luke remained in town to become a firefighter which is all he ever wanted out of life. Jenna’s back and part owner of a now successful restaurant and Luke is a firefighter, paramedic and has an ex-wife and a 5 year old son. The thing is I really liked both of these characters but when they were together for most of the book their sniping, distrust, and pettiness just kind of did me in. To be honest, I was more interested in the side romance going on between Luke’s ex-wife and her young boyfriend than I was with the up and down relationship between Jenna and Luke.
Why this book wasn’t a total loss; I loved seeing the couples from the first two books, Luke’s firefighter buddies were some great comic relief, his son and ex-wife were pretty awesome and I loved seeing Jenna realize what was important in life. Yes, I’m glad they finally figured things out but getting there almost gave me a migraine.

While far from my favorite book in this series, Some Like It Sizzling had some bright spots which made it not a total loss. Personally, I could have done without so much of the back story drama and would have like to see them appreciate each other for the people they had become.


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