ARC Review – Alive Day (Homefront Trilogy #2) by Rebecca Crowley

Ethan and Ma are a breath of fresh air…a great reading getaway for a couple hours. ~ Daniella, Guilty Pleasures

A pain beyond hope of healing…a love that could put the pieces back together.

Army infantry Captain Ethan Fletcher’s Air Force colonel father disapproved his choice of military branch, but Ethan didn’t care. He wanted his boots on the ground among the men he led, not to be flying high above the fray.

But after a particularly violent tour in Afghanistan costs the lives of some of his men—and nearly his own—his faith in service is shaken, his belief in himself shattered. The last thing he needs is some psych geek getting into his head, especially one who’s strong, stubborn, and sexy as hell.

Psychologist Mia Levin’s study of the 13th Infantry’s Echo Company could vault her career to the next level, and change the way the Army handles returning soldiers. But first she has to get past the unit’s overprotective captain—and keep him far from her fragile heart.

When a fender bender brings Ethan running to Mia’s rescue, the threads of a tenuous attraction begin to intertwine and strengthen into a bond that could heal them both—if they aren’t too far gone for love to reach.

Warning: Contains a brooding Army officer, a haunted academic, and a stolen moment in a bookstore that may short-circuit your eReader.

Review copy provided for an honest review


This was a great read. Even though it dealt with the harshness of war it didn’t go into gory explicit details or get bogged down and maudlin. I think if you want a book to jump in to and be able to get lost for a couple hours, this is the book for the job. Mia and Ethan are the perfect couple, each have issues and problems (don’t they all) but I never had the urge to have to walk away from it and do something else. It was never too much into battlefield details nor did it contain obnoxious people who needed to be smacked upside their heads (we all have read those books). A win-win situation overall.


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