Review – His Canvas [Suncoast Society] by Tymber Dalton

This is a hardcore BDSM book, one of the most intense I’ve read, but also features an intricate plot and well drawn characters. ~ Shadow, Guilty Pleasures

Mallory has a crazy, overbearing uncle, college, a job, and the best friend any woman could ask for. She enjoys her time at the BDSM club, but she’s no skinny rope bunny. She certainly isn’t looking for love when handsome rigger and photographer Kel volunteers to play with her.

Had Kel known the beautiful, curvaceous woman wanted to be suspended, he would’ve volunteered a long time ago. She’s a gorgeous, full-figured woman he’d love to put his hands – and marks – all over. Still, her personal situation makes him reluctant to get involved. Not to mention he worries his darker side and love of edge play will scare her away.

When push comes to shove and another rigger moves in, Kel stakes out his territory, pleasantly surprised to discover Mallory wants to become his canvas – and nurture her own darker desires. The problem is, can they overcome the legal nightmare her uncle tosses at her, or will it tear them apart?

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This is a hardcore BDSM book, one of the most intense I’ve read, but also features an intricate plot and well drawn characters.

Askel (Kel) a rigger and photographer of some renown, likes playing with various submissives, but has no desire to settle down with one-until Mallory’s best friend, Chelbie, literally throws Mallory into Kel’s way.

The scene that follows connects the two of them in ways neither had expected but there are some major obstacles to a relationship. Kel is afraid to tell Mallory about his dark side, and Mallory doesn’t want to deal with her uncle’s strange insistence that she attend graduate school in spite of her desire to graduate and go to work.

As the two learn that they meld together even better than expected, can they overcome the obstacles?

Kel’s darker side includes knife play, cutting, branding, cell popping (temporary scaring), and other more extreme forms of BDSM. Mallory doesn’t just accept these activities, she loves them. Be aware the two indulge in some of these activities in the book.

Overall, this was a good read and a fine addition to the author’s Suncoast Society series, but is just a bit too extreme for my taste.

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