Nov 11

ARC Review – Red Light, Green Light (Are You Game #3) by Rhian Cahill

As always author Rhian Cahill manages to blend the right about of humor, seriousness, snark, and sexiness and rolls it all up into a thoroughly enjoyable story. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

When the light turns yellow, it’s time to step on the gas.

You never forget your first.

Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to Kelsey Newman’s first love. Years spent ignoring the ache she feels for Weston Mann has done little to erase him from her mind and her heart.

The one that got away.

Ten years ago, West loved Kelsey enough to let her go when he realized he wasn’t ready for the kind of relationship she needed. Watching her walk down the aisle with another man cut deep. But West is a quick learner, and he never makes the same mistake twice. Now that she’s free, he plans to make up for lost time.

A love that won’t stop.

Kelsey isn’t ready to give West a green light, and he refuses to accept the red ones she’s given him. With each stop and start of their seesawing relationship, she finds herself falling for him all over again. Except it’s hard to trust her heart to a man who once told her he didn’t want it.

Warning: Story contains a reluctant heroine, a determined hero, an ex who doesn’t want to stay exed, and a love that knows no limit—speed or otherwise.

Review copy provided for an honest review


I’ve enjoyed each book so far in Rhian Cahill’s Are You Game series and the thing I like most is they are each very different. In Red Light Green Light we have two people who shared something special 10 years prior but one wasn’t ready for more at that time and the other moved on to marry one of their close friends. It’s a sticky situation and it isn’t easily solved because not only are long standing friendships involved but there are old feelings that have never been resolved. Complicated, emotional, sweet, and sexy all describe this story and the relationship between the hero and heroine.

Kelsey Newman has never really gotten over her first love and the boy (now man) she lost her virginity to. Married and now divorced her first love is on a mission to pursue her but Kelsey isn’t sure her heart can take his rejection a second time. Weston Mann knows he screwed up 10 years ago and he’s paid for it while having to watch Kelsey with someone else, someone who is a good friend. Now that she’s free he plans to show her that they are perfect for one another only Kelsey is giving him some mixed signals and he has to make sure that she is all in because the last thing he wants to lose is her friendship.

It was kind of difficult watching these two people who wanted each other fiercely, who never quite got over the other one even after 10 years try and figure out what they wanted to be to each other as adults. There is no doubt they both made mistakes Weston for letting her go originally and Kelsey for marrying someone who was “comfortable” and while they’ve maintained a friendship over the years it hasn’t been easy on either of them. Add in the fact that they share a group of friends including Kelsey’s ex-husband only complicated things further. That being said, I enjoyed seeing characters from the previous books and can’t help but wonder what is in store next for this tight knit group.

As always author Rhian Cahill manages to blend the right about of humor, seriousness, snark, and sexiness and rolls it all up into a thoroughly enjoyable story.


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