ARC Review – Assassins Bite (Biting Love #8) by Mary Hughes

Again, Mary Hughes has made us smile and laugh. Her way with words and bringing a story to life in the pages of a book just amazes me. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures

Only her light can burn away his shadows.

On her first night as a police officer, Sunny Ruffles takes down three felons…only to be attacked by a gang of vampires who are a whole new level of hurt.

Then a mysterious shadow man intervenes, saving Sunny before he disappears. She runs after him, telling herself her pursuit has nothing to do with his sharp, stubbled jaw, his powerful shoulders, or his sexy-as-hell, kissable lips.

Rescuing the humans makes Aiden Blackthorne late for a critical meeting with the vampire Nosferatu’s daughter. Yet clompy, bumbling Sunny draws him back like wild honey. He kisses her, and he’s almost got her down to her underwear when a bomb meant for him explodes.

The last thing Aiden wants is to drag Sunny into his hellish conflict with Nosferatu. But Aiden’s a loner whose only friend has mysteriously disappeared, and the woman who smells and tastes like his mate is the only backup he has left. He’ll need her, everything he is, everything he was—and everything he might have been—to defeat his evil master and claim the love he never dared hope to have.

Warning: This book contains shadowy assassins shooping off vampire heads, cops bumbling in at the worst of times and opposites attracting, colliding, and exploding in lust—a.k.a., explicit fighting, humor, and sex.

Review copy provided for an honest review


Welcome back to Meiers Corners. Life is so simple here filled with crazy characters, love, laughterpurestdelightaward and vampires. Yea, they are supposed to be a secret but more and more residents are immune to that vampire voice that will make them forget about what they saw or heard. The latest one to stand her ground is Sunny and, of all the vampires in all the world, she has to be immune to The Assassin.

The story of Sunny and Aiden was funny at times, serious at times and filled with lots and lots of vampire sex. Aiden, as usual is sexy as hell and Sunny is a Ruffles. We all know that being a Ruffles is not the best thing in the world to be. But, with the help of lots of friends, Sunny overcomes her heritage. Well, Aiden had a lot to do with that, especially after he saved her brother Dirk from an untimely death. Even though he’s a criminal (he didn’t pay a parking ticket) Sunny can’t seem to stay away from him. Aiden feels the same way and, together, they overcome their pasts and start looking forward to the future.

Yes, we have another visit from Nosferatu (will they ever get rid of him?) and his daughter Eloise. The Strongwell’s, Ric and Synnove all make appearances. Of course, Elias has to have his little fun in this book too and makes a deal with Aiden that has him beholden to him for life. But, it’s a life that he can finally enjoy and his mate just makes it better.

Again, Mary Hughes has made us smile and laugh. Her way with words and bringing a story to life in the pages of a book just amazes me. Her stories are not meant to be serious but she does make us stop and think … this lesson: Does the way you were raised really have to shape the man or woman you are today or can you overcome the bad and become someone people can look up to? Can people change with the right guidance and the love of a good person? If you believe in yourself, can good things happen? Well, when Mary tells a story, all of the above do come true. Enjoy Sunny and Aiden, the love that they finally share and the sex that is off the wall.


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