Ode to Fifty Shades of Grey by LT Sullivan


Love it or hate it the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon is amazing. The way it’s touched so many lives. For some people it has opened the doors to reading, some it has helped spice up their sex life or even some have found a new self confidence to explore what has been taboo for a long time.  Is the book perfectly written? No, but not many are. Is the portrayal of BDSM lifestyle accurate? NO, but this is fiction (I am glad it did raise awareness that people who live the BDSM lifestyle are not pervs or weird, they are everyday people who embrace their sexuality. It also shows BDSM is not taboo).  What I got out of reading it was a few hours of enjoyment, angst, sexiness and being totally enthralled and captivated by Christian Grey.

I’ve met LT, a wonderful woman through author Lorelei James’ group on Facebook.  Not only does she LOVE all the books Lorelei has written, she has a special fondness for FSOG.  We were talking one day and she told me she wanted to share her Ode to Fifty Shades of Grey that she wrote for a story telling/poetry slam in Chicago a while back.  I LOVED it and asked her if I could share it with all of you. She said she would be honored. Without further ado here is LT Sullivan’s Ode to Fifty Shades of Grey. ~ DiDi


Ode to Fifty Shades

My story begins on a cold, brisk sunny day at the Oak Park Library. The holidays were finally over and the forecast was calling for some pretty nasty winter weather. In preparation, I perused the aisles for some books on public speaking. Then a thought drifted in, “Hey, grab a good fiction novel, too.” I hadn’t been reading much fiction lately, so I didn’t even know what was good anymore. Suddenly, a headline from the Yahoo homepage pops in my head: “50 Shades of Grey movie now filming. Rabid fans going wild with anticipation.” Like the Grinch, a secret, wicked smile slowly spread across my face. Oh Yeah! Didn’t she sell like 60 million copies! I’ve got to see what all the fuss is about. I sneaked the book in between my other books and that night waited until everyone was fast asleep before I cracked it open and spread it’s pages wide.

Then BAM!! It was like an IED went off in my mind! I was completely unprepared for my physical response to the story. That shit was HOT, really HOT. And just like that, the slumbering vixen, the sex kitten within me, woke up. Well, that’s kind of putting it mildly it was more like Uma Thurman getting an adrenaline shot to the chest in Pulp Fiction!

I finished the 1500+ page trilogy in 3.5 days. Then went back to the beginning and read it again, slowly. I wondered, what happened to me? I used to be hot and ready to go all the time. When was the last time I even had this kind of kinky fun? Oh yeah, I remember….

It was our first vacation without the kids, 5 years ago…For our anniversary we’d rented a cabin in the Ozarks and took a road trip to southern Missouri. As the miles ticked by, we enjoyed each other’s company, then we noticed a billboard: Bob’s XXX Emporium. The Largest Selection in the Midwest!! As the exit approached we hatched a plan.

I became Shelly, a journalist assigned to review products for a magazine article. He became Rick, horny truck driver passing through looking for some stimulation. We proceeded to seduce each other playfully, but fully in character. We left Bob’s XXX with an assortment of toys, oils and restraints. After stopping at a restaurant for dinner to “get to know each other better” we arrived to our cabin at sundown, built a roaring fire and enthusiastically tested and rated each item. Man! Good times….Good Times!

My husband and I have been together 17 years now and sex has gotten very comfortable and routine. All the really good stuff is reserved for birthdays, holidays and vacation. My poor inner vixen had been lulled into a virtual coma by the busyness of raising 3 kids, running a business, and everything else.

50 Shades of Grey popped my cork and let the genie out of the bottle. Now I can’t put her back in, nor do I want to. But now I’m turned on ALL the time! In order to give my hubby a break, I’ve had to channel this intense sexual energy into life through savoring delicious meals, being enraptured by beautiful music, getting stroked and pampered, and just allowing my senses to be caressed on a daily basis. Thanks to those hot little black books, I’ve started making love to life rather than just getting fucked by it.


LT and her husband

And just in case you have been in outer space or somewhere with no internet or TV, here is the video for the FSOG trailer.  ~ DiDi

Please note this is a post about someone’s positive experience because of FSOG. No bashing of the books or the movie please, any such comments will be deleted.

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4 thoughts on “Ode to Fifty Shades of Grey by LT Sullivan

  1. Im currently reading FSOG for the 3rd time ~ have seen the preview more than 20X ~ I cannot get enough of Christian and Ana and I don’t much care what people think of the books; I write erotic romance and Im a big fan of FSOG ~ E.L. James has given a much needed shot in the arm to all of us writers who write erotica and I thank her for it ~ Im mesmerized by Christian Grey and cannot get enough of him ~ Cant wait for the movie!

    1. Thank you for commenting Jan. Honestly I was being a book snob when they first got popular. I had heard a lot of talk about the BDSM aspect and was like “i’m a huge Cherise Sinclair fan there is no way I’m reading it then. Because Cherise’s BDSM is so accurate.” HOWEVER when my mega crush Charlie Hunnam was cast I gave in and read them and really enjoyed them. Much to my Momma’s delight because she likes to remind me that I said I would “NEVER read them.” My experience taught me to make my own judgement and not go on rumors…LOL

  2. I really enjoyed LT’s honest post about what FSOG has done for her marriage. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  3. Bravo LT! The FSOG trilogy is a work of fiction! FICTION people, nowhere does it state it is based on real life and precise true events. Yes there are kernels of truth, what good story doesn’t have that? I read for one purpose, to be entertained and if I gain a better outlook on the life I have with my husband —- BONUS!!! Although it was Lorelei James and her Rough Riders series who put the spark, hell not a spark but the whole grand finalė in our bedroom/kitchen/dining room; FSOG added just one more dimension. I also agree that it wasn’t perfectly written but anyone can find faults if you’re looking for them. BDSM was something I don’t think I ever would have read 10 or even 5 years ago but I now crack open a book (or power up my Kindle) with the knowledge that I am about to read an incredible LOVE STORY, not smut, not porn but a journey where two people (mf, mmf, mm, mff, ff) find each other and work their asses off to be together for the long haul.

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