ARC Review – Pure Heat (Firehawks #1) by M.L. Buchman

I know that I’m in for a wild ride with M.L. Buchman!!!! ~ Daniella, Guilty Pleasures

These daredevil smokejumpers fight more than fires.

The elite fire experts of Mount Hood Aviation fly into places even the CIA can’t penetrate.

She lives to fight fires…

Carly Thomas could read burn patterns before she knew the alphabet. A third-generation forest fire specialist who lost both her father and her fiancé to the flames, she’s learned to live life like she fights fires: with emotions shut down.

But he’s lit an inferno she can’t quench…

Former smokejumper Steve “Merks” Mercer can no longer fight fires up close and personal, but he can still use his intimate knowledge of wildland burns as a spotter and drone specialist. Assigned to copilot a Firehawk with Carly, they take to the skies to battle the worst wildfire in decades and discover a terrorist threat hidden deep in the Oregon wilderness—but it’s the heat between them that really sizzles.

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M.L. Buchman has managed to surprise me in wonderful ways every time I read his books. I get atruegemawardthrown in to incredible action paced stories that make me feel like I am part of each and every conflict they tell. Pure Heat does not miss out on the opportunity.

Steve Mercer and Carly Thomas are two of the daredevils that risks their lives fighting the big fires. Forest fires. Steve can no longer be part of the ground crew but has found a way to still be in on all the danger. While Carly Thomas who has been in fire mode since she was a girl is the kind of person who can read and understand what a fire is going to do like it is using words and speaking directly to her.

At first, Buchman seemed to head towards making this a romance with a smattering of fire fighting involved but then he hits you with a huge plot twist that I did not know was coming. And thats the kind of writer Buchman is. He reels you in with characters that have the kind of personalities and lives that you think are readable and obvious and then decides to throw a curveball that takes you into a different level and puts you not only inside the line of fire (pun intended) but describes it in such detail that you feel like you were in the helicopters and on the front lines with Steve and Carly and the others in the crews.

Thank you Mr. Buchman, because you never fail to deliver the goods beautifully packaged with avenues I never think you travel down!!!

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