Review – Inside Heat (Mustangs Baseball #1) by Roz Lee

Sexy as all get out, with a believable plot, and an ending that satisfies; Inside Heat is as good as the third out in game 7 of the World Series when you team is winning! ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

It’s about more than getting to third base – It’s about hitting a home run.

Jeff “The Terminator” Holder is the closer for the Texas Mustangs’ baseball team, and revered throughout the Major League for throwing inside heat. His twin brother, Jason, the Mustang’s catcher, leads the League in hits. They share a love of the game, as well as their identical DNA – but that’s not all they share.

Pediatric Nurse Megan Long doesn’t know baseball, but she does know a sexy guy when she sees one – or two. When she seeks out an autograph for one of her patients, she falls under the spell of two of the sexiest players in baseball. Unable to resist their charms, Megan finds herself in bed with both men, but falling in love with only one.

Locked in an epic battle against the steroid pumping Martin McCree, Jeff’s obsession with striking out McCree strains his relationship with his brother, and leads to an injury that threatens his career and dents his ego. Megan does her best to get through to him, but if Jeff can’t see past his failings to find the love she’s offering, he’s going to strike out in the biggest game of his life.


Man oh man I’m going to admit it would be very hard to turn down the offer made to the heroine in atruegemawardRoz Lee’s Inside Heat. Twin professional baseball players who both want to get to know you better in every way possible, what would you do? Such is the dilemma for the heroine who agrees even though from the minute she met one brother she felt a pull she wanted to deny but couldn’t. I very much enjoyed this realistic look into a ménage or polyamorous relationship. This book takes a long look at the implications of this relationship on all parties involved and why it is so necessary to communicate effectively. Sexy as all get out, with a believable plot, and an ending that satisfies; Inside Heat is as good as the third out in game 7 of the World Series when you team is winning (not that I’ve had the feeling, but I can dream)!

When Megan sets out to obtain the autograph of the Mustang’s ace pitcher for one of her patients, she never expects to instead find an invitation to dinner written on the program and she certainly has no idea how much her life is going to change. Jeff can’t take his eyes off the beautiful woman standing by the sidelines waiting for his autograph, so he takes a risk only to realize later she thinks he’s scum because of it. Making up for it in a big way and including his equally famous brother has him scoring some major points and while he and his twin, Jason, are sure about what they want convincing Megan is a whole other story.

I really loved this book from start to finish even when the characters were at odds, or when one or both men were being jerks, or when Megan was being stubborn they were just so likeable I found it hard not to get completely wrapped up in their story. There is no denying what Jeff and Jason want from Megan is unusual and I give Megan credit for taking some time to decide instead of just jumping in blindly. Yes, the three of them worked but it was also very evident that both Jeff and Megan felt something more for one another very early on.

Here’s where I give big kudos to author Roz Lee; anyone who reads erotic romance with ménage has to know that for every one relationship that works permanently there are 3 or more that don’t. I’m not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, just being realistic. I love that Ms. Lee showed us that while this type of relationship worked for awhile, in the long run they all wanted something different. She did a wonderful job of showing the jealously (even when it sometimes wasn’t warranted), the emotional battles, the hurt feelings, and the love between all three of them even though the love was a different love between two of the people involved. There were many very emotional scenes and some weren’t pretty, however I do think they rang very true.

In addition to this intricate love story, the Mustangs were trying to make the playoffs, Megan was dealing with some heavy issues at work, and a career threatening injury all gave these three more than enough to try and handle and worry about.

I know this sounds like this book might be a downer, but in reality it’s not. Yes, there are times the outcome looks bleak, however when it’s all said and done everyone goes home a winner. Roz Lee hit it out of the park with this book and made me a Mustangs fan for life!


4.5 Stars

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