Review – Claimed by Wolves (Call of the Wolf #1) by Diane Leyne

What a fun start to a series! Over all the story is playful, sexy, and a fun read if you are a fan of shifters. Definitely worth adding to the TBR as a series. ~ Alyn, Guilty Pleasures

Samantha Anderson is carrying out her grandmother’s last wish and visiting the Northwest to learn about her family’s heritage.

She’s surprised by her immediate attraction to the five McAllister brothers: sexy big brother and pack alpha Gabe, hot carpenter twins Bart and Nick, and young and sweet fitness trainer twins Eddie and Andy. She’s even more surprised when they all decide to pursue her.

What she doesn’t know is that the wolf-dog shape-shifting brothers have recognized her as their mate and are determined win her over so she’ll agree to a formal mating ceremony which will tie her to them forever.

The only holdout is Gabe, who worries about mating with a human and wants to learn more about her before revealing their secret. To do this, he decides to spy on her in wolf-dog form. That’s when he finds out that Samantha has a secret of her own.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

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I am a total fangirl when it comes to shifters and paranormal hotties and am always looking for a fresh new series to catch my eye. During a recent indulgence on Siren’s website I came across the Call of the Wolf series by Diane Leyne and became entranced with the Wolves of Harmony.

The series begins with the death of a matriarch and her request to her granddaughter Samantha. After being raised far away from where her history resides, Samantha is asked to seek out the heritage her father robbed her of her entire life; she was born into a family of wolf-dog shifters. Unknown to her parents, this was not news to Samantha. She had been playing with her three shifter brothers for years without anyone knowing they could shift. As a female, Samantha was unable to shift but she knew she had the wolf in her blood.

Samantha’s grandmother owned a home in New Harmony, a haven for the first shifters to colonize the Pacific Northwest area. The outskirts of the town and many of the businesses that reside within it are all owned by wolf shifter families and their mates, which is why Samantha’s task is so important. Her grandmother wants her to take a year from teaching and writing in Florida to move to New Harmony and learn more about her heritage. Not wanting to let her grandmother down, she does as she is asked and is surprised to find how at home she feels and how naturally the area attracts her. It isn’t the only thing that attracts her. The McAllister brothers (all 5 of them) are quick to make Samantha’s acquaintance but for more reasons than one. They have no idea she is related to one of the elders or that she is of wolf-shifter blood. All they know is that they can’t keep their eyes off of her.

Gabe McAllister is not only the mayor of New Harmony but also the Alpha of the McAllister pack. He is determined to keep pack land within the original families and is not too keen on an outsider moving into to the home of one of the elders. He is determined to find a way to scare this outsider female away from New Harmony if it is the last thing he does. There is only one problem, his inner wolf and his brothers, recognize her for what she truly is, and they will not let her go.

What a fun start to a series! Over all the story is playful, sexy, and a fun read if you are a fan of shifters. Definitely worth adding to the TBR as a series. Diane Leyne creates a fun and brooding set of characters in the McAllister brothers. Following the shifter stories, the pack has one purpose and that is to find their mate, one woman to fulfill the needs of all 5 of them after a ceremony allows her to accommodate their insatiable appetites for her. While it may seem repetitive I will say that Diane has found some unique ways to present the trials and tribulations that can accompany such a ritual. These trials make themselves known throughout the rest of the series. In this particular story, I was rather amused with Samantha’s methods for dealing with Gabe and his attempts to spy on her. The beauty of this is in the fact that Gabe is unaware of Samantha’s knowledge of shifters and she uses it to her full advantage to embarrass him every chance she can. Of course, Gabe makes a point to assert his dominance in other ways that will leave you panting to say the least. Between those moments, are the encounters with Gabe’s brothers; Bart and Nick; who own a local furniture store (they are both carpenters), as well as Eddie and Andy; who own a local fitness center. Samantha spends plenty of time getting to know these men on an intimate level and realizes all too quickly that perhaps her 1 year stay in New Harmony will last a bit longer than she planned. Will she deny her true destiny, or accept her heritage and follow the “Call of the Wolf”?


3.75 Stars

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