ARC Review – Up In Knots (Pleasure Code #2) by Gillian Archer

A story of love lost and hope found, Up in Knots will have you longing to be “tied up” for hours with the seductive Sawyer and his kinky little Kyla. ~ Alyn, Guilty Pleasures

After the loss of her Dom and first love two years ago, the time has come for Kyla to again allow herself the pleasure of giving up control. She isn’t looking for anything serious yet, just the comforting embrace of rope and a firm hand on her body for the night.

Rope-top Sawyer is extremely skilled and he doesn’t do relationships—but he’s fascinated by the gymnastics instructor who approaches him at a kink con. By the end of the day he’s vowed to help her feel submissive pleasure again, and to introduce her to a few Doms she can choose from.

But as Sawyer breaks down Kyla’s emotional defenses, his barriers also come down. Soon he can’t imagine giving Kyla over to any other Dom—and Kyla can’t imagine being with anyone else. When their feelings are put to the ultimate test, they’ll learn that while taking risks in the bedroom is easy, taking risks in love is terrifying.

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I am always on the lookout for a steamy read that I can dive into in a hurry. While I enjoy the longer purestdelightawardnovels that take me away from the world for days at a time, there is something to be said for those quickies that can draw you in and melt your heart when you have a few hours to spare. Up in Knots is one such book. A story of love lost and hope found, Up in Knots will have you longing to be “tied up” for hours with the seductive Sawyer and his kinky little Kyla.

Kyla lost her Dom; Adam, to a horrible accident 2 years ago. After a long recovery for her broken heart, and an extensive dry spell for her kinky lifestyle, Kyla decides to jump back in and fill the void that left her empty inside. For the longest time she researched potential Tops and became intrigued with the infamous Sawyer; a master of Domination who specializes in rope. Determined to meet him in person and to feel the bite of his ropes on her skin, Kyla finds him at the local kink convention and takes a chance that can change everything. She misses giving up control, and Sawyer is the one man she wants to give it to.

Sawyer is a well-known rope master that does not do commitment. He is perfectly happy teaching kink classes and indulging in the willing women who wish to be entwined in his ropes and released without the promise of future forays into his darker pleasures. At least, he was perfectly happy with that arrangement until he met Kyla. The petite gymnast wandered into his couple rope class and as the only single female there, she was the ideal volunteer to be his model for the ropes class. Watching her responses to his touch, his bindings, and him overall, Sawyer could tell that he and Kyla had chemistry. After learning why she was at the convention, Sawyer ensures Kyla that he will break her dry spell in the world of kink and help her enjoy the pleasures of giving her submission.

This was such an enjoyable read with just enough kink to keep things interesting. Gillian creates an intriguing story with Kyla and her path to healing after the loss of Adam; a Dom that was not only part of Kyla’s life, but the one man she could trust to take control. When she finally decides to fill the void in her life, Kyla finds Sawyer and becomes the nervous girl with a crush the moment she is in close proximity to him. This to me was part of the fun in the story and it made it very easy for me to relate to Kyla. Sawyer is the “Godlike” superstar in Kyla’s eyes and I simply adore the fact that although he is the Dom, Kyla is able to throw him of his axis. Of course Sawyer does what Dom’s do best and he pushes Kyla to her limits in the best of ways (it makes me want to have dinner in a dark corner of a restaurant just so I can be naughty). Together they are passionate and simply perfect. Kyla is fit to be tied by Sawyer and he is ready to bind her in more ways than one. Will Kyla be able to bind Sawyer’s heart to hers, or is Kyla’s dream to end her heartache destined to end with more heart break instead?


4.5 Stars

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