ARC Review – Taken with You (Kowalski Family #8) by Shannon Stacey

Another awesome read by Shannon Stacey. ~ Piper, Guilty Pleasures

Hailey Genest has seen most of her friends marry and have babies, and she’s happy for them, but it was a lot easier before she hit forty. She’s spent her entire life in Whitford, Maine, and if she hasn’t found her Prince Charming by now, she has to accept she’s probably not going to. When a new friend suggests they go on an adventure and embrace being single, Hailey agrees.

Surviving in the woods is game warden Matt Barnett’s idea of a relaxing vacation. But when he meets two women in need of help, he leads them back to safety – a task that proves more fun than expected, thanks to a certain hot blonde. He can’t resist pushing her buttons, even though she’s made it clear that the rugged, outdoorsy type just isn’t for her.

Hailey is glad to see the back of her tempting-tour-guide-slash-pain-in-the-ass. When he shows up in her life again, she’s determined to avoid him, no matter how good he looks in his uniform. But that’s easier said than done in Whitford, especially when he’s renting the house right next door…

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I have enjoyed anything that I have read by Shannon Stacey since Amazon recommended her books to me. I loved the Kowalski Family series since book 1. We have now gotten all the Kowalski’s happy endings, and we are on to the still single ladies in Whitford. I was not sure if I would love this book as much as I do the others since this book does not have a Kowalski as the main character. I am glad to say that I did love it as much as the others, and this is a wonderful addition to a great series.

Hailey Genest is living her dream. Well almost her dream. She has her dream job of being the Liberian of the Whitford Library, but she is still missing her Prince Charming and the kids. She is forty, not getting any younger and wants to know where the hell her Prince is. All her friends are now married and starting families and Hailey is ready for her Prince Charming to show up already. Hailey’s dream man is a suit and tie kind of guy who enjoys the finer things in life. Or so she thought.

Matt Barnett is the new Game Warden in Whitford. Since the Kowalski family has branched out into ATV trails for their Northern Star Lodge during the summer months, he has been brought in to help the local police. Matt is your true outdoorsmen. He has been unlucky in love so far. Matt can’t seem to find a women who loves and accepts him for who he is. I mean come on, the man just wants a women to understand that when he comes home covered in mud and smelling of shi$t, that is all in a day’s work.

Hailey and Matt’s story is a wonderfully written story about how opposites can be perfect for one another. This story is filled with humor and love. We get to catch up with our favorite Whitford Kowalski’s as well as our favorite town folks. I love Fran and Rosie! Hailey and Matt have a lot to overcome. One thing I loved about this story is that yes, they are complete opposites, but how they compromise and realize they are perfect for one another is completely believable. I also enjoy reading about the relationships between the women. It makes me glad I have the group of women I have in my life. Through the good, bad and the ups and downs, they are there for each other. I am looking forward to getting Tori’s story next. I am super excited to learn more about Whitford’s resident possible serial killer Max.

Another awesome read by Shannon Stacey.

Happy Reading!!!!

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