ARC Review – Worth the Battle (Heaven Hill #4) by Laramie Brisco

Author Laramie Briscoe weaves an intricate tale of life inside a motorcycle club and with each book we begin to see more about what drives these men into this life and why the women who love them chose to accept that life. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Movie star running from her life.

Secret writer of erotic romance.

Trusts only Layne O’Connor of the Heaven Hill MC.

When Jessica Shea fears that her privacy is in danger, she takes the drastic step to leave her life behind and escape to the only person who’s never treated her like the movie star she is. He’s the one person who’s never sold a story to the tabloids and who knows the real Jessica, the one underneath the makeup and high-gloss shine of Hollywood.

Their friendship has stood the test of time. Now, someone has stolen private photos and writings from her home. Things that she doesn’t want the public at large to see. There’s only one place she knows she can go to be under the radar and lick her wounds.

That place is wherever Layne O’Connor is.

War Veteran.
Striving to live a normal life.
Member of the Heaven Hill MC.

Layne left a piece of himself in the war zone. Fighting PTSD and demons that he can’t explain has left him tired and changed from the man he was before he went overseas.

The only thing he feels like he excels at anymore is being a criminal, and he gladly does it for his brothers of the Heaven Hill MC. The only people who took him in when no one else knew what to make of his anger and

When Jessica arrives, however, she’s a trigger for everything he’s trying to forget. She makes him remember who he was before his life went to hell, she makes him want to get himself back. While working through those issues, he and Jessica are racing against an unknown enemy—someone who wants to destroy her reputation and take her sweetheart persona with it.

As they both work to trust each other and figure out just who her enemies are,they learn that love is never easy. They have to decide if the victory is worth the battle.

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I was intrigued when in the last book, Losing Control, we found that Layne O’Connor knew andatruegemaward was friends with an actress. Knowing they had some sort of past made me think their story would be extra special and Worth The Battle exceeded my expectations. Emotionally gripping, heartwarming, and sexy all rolled together into another fine book in the Heaven Hill MC series. Author Laramie Briscoe weaves an intricate tale of life inside a motorcycle club and with each book we begin to see more about what drives these men into this life and why the women who love them chose to accept that life.

Layne O’Connor is one of the youngest members of the Heaven Hill MC; he’s a war veteran suffering from PTSD and carries so much guilt on his shoulders; guilt from his time in the service and guilt about his personal life. He’s been managing his PTSD fairly well until his friend and ex-lover actress Jessica Shea calls him for help. With Jess back in his life, he’s having a hard time managing his emotions and anger. There’s no question there is something between these two but Jessica’s on the run from a scandal that will tank her career and Layne is sure she deserves someone better than him. Both are young and have so much life ahead but will their past allow them to move forward or will it tear them apart?

I very much enjoyed this story even though reading about Layne’s struggle was at times difficult. I hate that he’s been through so much and won’t allow himself to share his burden and unload his grief. I appreciate the fact that Jess realizes he needs some outside help and appeals to the older members of the MC to ask them to help Layne get it. While I would have like her to take the initiative and asked him to see a counselor, I understood why she asked the club to step in. At times both characters seemed a little immature, but I had to remind myself they are young and both have been put in some horrible situations that people older than them would have trouble dealing with so their actions were somewhat warranted. I love that they had this almost sweet history between the two of them and that their bond was very strong despite at one time being on divergent paths.

While the budding relationship between Layne and Jess was center stage in this book, it’s hard not to mention how the other members of the club not only stepped in to help Layne but also Jessica. The bond between the members of the MC is stronger than most family bonds and the women in their lives are quick to welcome and accept Jess but also have no problem letting her know that they have Layne’s back. I loved the interaction between Tyler and Layne which reminded me of an uncle/nephew type relationship. It also amazes me how the women of the club do their best to make Jessica feel welcome and the fact that everyone within the club treats her like a person, not the celebrity that she is, which in turn makes her feel comfortable and safe.

We all know that most MC’s straddle the line between right and wrong or good and bad. I appreciate that this author doesn’t shy away from those discussions; some of their activities are illegal and some are legitimate and all are part of the story. I’m also very curious about their new found relationship with Rooster, the town’s deputy sheriff.

With each book in this series, I grow more invested in the characters and this club. I’ve also watched this author grow and hone her craft and it’s exciting to see. I loved watching the emotional battle that took place in this book, the fact that both the main characters had to come to grips with their ever changing lives and figure out if they could handle even more changes if they plan to be together. Both characters were at war; one with himself and the other with her life but in the end they came to realize that together it was Worth The Battle. Well done, Ms. Briscoe, well done!


4.5 Stars

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