ARC Review – The Place I Belong (Country Roads #2) by Inez Kelley

The Place I Belong is another well rounded, full, and entertaining book by an author I grow more enamored with each time I read her. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures


Zury Castellano escaped a dreary city life and will do anything to protect her chosen home’s scenic vista. Black Cherry Falls is more than her job, it’s her passion. The State may have sold her beloved mountaintops to a lumber company, but they’re in for a surprise if they think she will just sit by and watch them destroy it. That cocky PR guy will never know what hit him.

Jonah Alcott walked away from his rigid religious family and found his place as Public Relations Director for Hawkins Hardwood. He plays as hard as he works, but the Black Cherry Falls project stretches him to his limit. A beautiful but tenacious resort manager calls in a radical environmental group, and Jonah steps out of his office to show her personally who the real bad guys are. However, only Jonah can decide where his true loyalties lie, with his job or his heart.

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I’m beginning to wonder if Inez Kelley isn’t secretly working for the West Virginia tourism atruegemawarddepartment because with each book in her Country Roads series, I feel the desire to visit the region and spend some time hiking in the woods. In The Place I Belong, Hawkins Hardwood’s PR director Jonah Alcott finds himself pitted against Black Cherry Fall’s park manager Zury Castellano. Despite being on opposite sides of a logging project, there is no denying their attraction as they both set out to change the other one’s mind or at least reach a compromise.

Talk about some scary skeletons in a hero’s closet, Jonah Alcott’s childhood was so far from normal and so messed up it’s surprising how successful he’s managed to become. Thankfully he found a place to land with a company that treated him right and helped him succeed and other than having some screwed up views on love and marriage, he remains relatively unscathed except for the scar he carries on his back. I love his loyalty to his employer, his belief in what his company does, and the way he works to make Zuri understand Hawkin’s Hardwood isn’t the enemy.

Zuri is one of those infuriating heroines; I admire her tenacity, I respect her beliefs but I hate that she refuses to look all sides of the issue believing that her way is the only way. Honestly, I get how important the land is to her and why and while she does bring up some good points I hate that she refuses to listen and feels the need to contact environmental groups with a shady background.

I enjoyed watching these two get to know one another and trying to convince the other their side was right with both bringing up several good points and making a convincing case. However the time they spent learning about each other was even more special and the revelations that came out of their talks led to each of them discovering how special the other was.

This wasn’t an easy love story; these two were on opposite sides of an issue, estranged family comes into play, and a madman environmentalist is on the loose adding some intrigue and suspense. Thus, The Place I Belong is another well rounded, full, and entertaining book by an author I grow more enamored with each time I read her.


4.5 Stars

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