Review – Club Wonderland (Friends and Benefits #2) by Christine d’Abo

Club Wonderland was entertaining and enjoyable; the characters were quite intriguing and the love scenes hot and steamy. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Alice White isn’t used to being ignored. So when the object of her lust does just that, she’s bound and determined to get his attention. Her pursuit leads her to Wonderland, the kind of club she’s only read about, and suddenly Alice is craving something she never knew she needed.

Gael Hernandez wants to be the youngest partner at his prestigious law firm, and not even a certain tempting legal assistant can distract him from his goal of financially helping his family. Until she shows up at his favorite club and surprises him with an interest in being restrained. But the BDSM lifestyle is no game to him, and he won’t take things further until Alice is schooled into submission.

After a taste, Alice wants more. She offers to be Gael’s sub for one weekend, with nothing forbidden and no boundaries. In a few short days, he gives her the strength to be the person she’s always wanted to be. Now Alice just needs to convince Gael that he can dominate in the bedroom, and submit to love.

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Christine D’Abo has done it again, I didn’t know if she’d be able to keep the magic alive after atruegemawardSexcapades (the first book in this series) but she did with Club Wonderland, so much so that I’ll forgive her for naming her heroine Alice and the bouncer at Wonderland referring to her as “little rabbit.” That being said, I flat out loved Club Wonderland and very much enjoyed watching Alice as she fell in the world of BDSM after she follows one of the attorneys she works with to the club he frequents.

Alice intrigued me in Sexcapades and one thing I really loved that she was fiercely loyal to Petra and a good sounding board for her. While at times she comes off as aloof, as we get to know her it’s easy to understand why she is this way, what makes her tick, and her need to be in control of her own life. So, I was a little surprised when she so easily acquiesced to Gael’s lifestyle choices.

Gael was a little harder to read but I love how he was willing to do whatever it took to help his parents and their struggling business. While I didn’t always agree with the way he treated Alice, I understood his reasoning most of the time. Even though he thought he didn’t want a relationship, once he began to realize there was more between them I was quite satisfied with his need for them to spend time outside of the BDSM realm and get to know one another better.

The interplay between these two was interesting with Alice’s need for control and Gael being a DOM. There were many power plays and some interesting moments between them as they struggled to figure out how to be together.
I really wanted to give this book 5 stars because I enjoyed it so much but I couldn’t because there were some areas that bothered me in regards to their BDSM play. He did a scene with her when she knew very little about BDSM and that bothered me, as a respected Dom he should have known better than to do that. I also didn’t like that he never really discussed BDSM with her, he let her “research” on her own knowing she was using the internet and knowing that there is a lot of not so good information out there. Again, he should have been the one to answer her questions, make sure she understood the ins and outs, and introduce her to some other subs to talk to about it.

Despite my reservations about the BDSM play, I highly enjoyed this story. Club Wonderland was entertaining and enjoyable; the characters were quite intriguing and the love scenes hot and steamy. I’ve enjoyed both books in this series and can only hope there will be more!


4.5 Stars

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