ARC Review – Runaway Groom (Watkins Pond #1) by Virginia Nelson

What an amazing, well-written novel Runaway Groom was. Filled with love, laughter, tugging of heart-strings and humor. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures

Abigail lost her best friend years ago when he ditched her at the altar like a loaf of stale bread. Now he’s back and determined to do whatever he has to—even lie, apparently—to get under her skin. Although he makes her hormones rev to life in a way that no one has since he left, she is equally determined not to fall for his boy-next-door charm.

His bride-to-be is somewhat reluctant.

Braxton Dean was too young and stupid to know better when he walked away. Years of trying to fill the Abby-shaped hole in his heart have left him empty, and now he’s going to win back his girl—or get over her. But first he needs answers. Particularly why she never responded to any of his letters.

It might take a whole town to make this wedding happen.

With the help of their friends, the two battle it out. The army? An entire town of busybodies. The prize? Happily ever after.

Review copy provided for an honest review

Wow, a book with a man groveling, a woman who’s wary of him since he left her standing at the atruegemawardaltar, a small town full of little-old-ladies with nothing to do but put their noses in other people’s business and 2 friends that will do whatever it takes to make their friends happy. What an amazing, well-written novel Runaway Groom was. Filled with love, laughter, tugging of heart-strings and humor.

Yes, we have all heard of the “Runaway Bride” and Braxton Dean just may rival Julia Roberts. Yep, left 3 woman standing at the altar, including the one love of his life – Abigail. But, he never did give up on his best friend, first love, first lover .. he missed her. He wrote her every day and told her everything that was going on in his life and ended every letter with an “I love you” of some sort. But, he was getting mad – for 10 whole years , he wrote, she never responded. Time to go home and confront the one woman that has ruined him for all others. Either she’ll forgive him or he will get over her and finally move on.

How is Abigail supposed to trust Brax? He left her standing at the altar. No good-bye, no reason. Poof – just vanished. Just like all the other men in her life. She always felt that she wasn’t good enough for Braxton. He was the high-school football star, handsome and smart. She was just plain old Abby. But, they have been best friends since they were 4 years old. Grew up together and fell in love. And, one thing she can’t stand is liars. How could he stand there and tell her that he wrote letters. She didn’t get any letters. Did he honestly think that lying to her was going to get her back? Or did he write letters … the sweet, beautiful letters that he’s describing just isn’t him.

When Abby finds out what happened with the letters, her life changes. Her view of Brax changes. She never fell out of love with him. Now it’s time to prove it. Show him how much he was missed and how much she still wants him. But, will it be enough to have the Happily-Ever-After that they both planned when they were teenagers or will he run out on her again?

What a beautiful, romantic love story Runaway Groom was. Brax was such a romantic and when you find out why he ran out on Abby, you’ll understand and totally agree with him. Yea, I felt sorry for Abby being stranded but she was being stubborn and refusing to hear why. When everything falls into place and she realizes what she has to do to get Brax back, it’s “amazing”. Congratulations on a wonderful novel and I am looking forward to seeing where this series is taking us.


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