Review – The Runaway Wife by Rowan Coleman

Overall this story was one of the best things I’ve read this year and I am so glad that the author took the time to develop a wonderful story of hope, love and reunion. ~ Amanda, Guilty Pleasures

Remembering the letter that says, “You are a remarkable woman and you deserve all the happiness, contentment, and love in the world. I, for one, know that I have never met anyone quite like you,” Rose Pritchard turns up on the doorstep of a B&B in England’s lake district. It is her last resort, as she and her seven-year-old daughter Maddie have left everything behind. They have come to the village of Millthwaite in search of the person who once offered Rose hope.

Almost immediately Rose wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake—if she’s chasing a dream—but she knows in her heart that she cannot go back. She’s been given a second chance—at life, and love—but will she have the courage to take it?

Blending wit, insight, and emotion with a sensitive touch and a warm dose of humor, Rowan Cowan has crafted a poignant novel that will linger with you long after the final page has been turned.

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The Runaway Wife by Rowan Coleman is a compelling novel that will stay with you long after it is purestdelightawardover. It a story that touches on the subject of domestic abuse and of one woman’s journey of finding a safe haven for her and her daughter. The author unfolds this story one layer at a time, slowly uncovering the reasons for Rose leaving, which made me intrigued until the end. However, Rose is also running towards something that has given her hope for the past several years and hopes she can find a certain person.

Rose Pritchard’s life has never been the same after her father left her at the age of 9. Then dealing with her mother’s suicide and the abusive husband she has had enough and leaves. She travelled to the one place she hopes to find the one bright spot in her life and that is with Frasier. Several years ago he came to her door in search of her father and that brief encounter totally changed her outlook on her life. Now she is in the town based on the postcard she carried from Frasier and ends up at a B&B to find out that her estranged father lives nearby. Knowing that this might be an opportunity she may never get again she goes to him to find some answers.

There is a whole cast of characters that are quite memorable from her eccentric daughter Maddie, to her gruff and standoffish father John, and her foul-mouthed girlfriend Shona, who has her own set of problems with the man in her life. Each propel the story along with visits to the past to make you understand how they made Rose what she is today.

You can feel the danger lurking in the background and you never know when the other boot is going to drop but you keep on wanting it to come to it a dramatic climax. I wasn’t disappointed because you see a stronger and courageous Rose than when the book began. Rose made a few mistakes along the way with her landlady’s son Ted, but that is all part of the journey. I was touched by all the tender moments that the author created in this story and it pierced my heart to feel her pain and anguish. What I enjoyed is seeing the difference her running away had on her relationship with her daughter Maddie and that it was her daughter that helped pave a relationship with her father.

Overall this story was one of the best things I’ve read this year and I am so glad that the author took the time to develop a wonderful story of hope, love and reunion. The book had me thinking about myself and what would I have done if I was in her shoes. Rose was one of those genuine characters that could be anyone you know because she was so well written with her flaws, strength and courage. Within it there is a beautiful love story that developed softly but gained in strength when Rose was ready to stand on her own two feet. This was my first story by this author but definitely not my last. I definitely will be looking at her backlist and more from Rowan Coleman.


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