Review – Reunion (Reunion Series #1) by M.R. Joseph

This is a very good first effort and I have no doubt M.R. Joseph will continue to hone her craft and keep delivering books filled with witty dialog and emotional plots that will keep us entertained for years to come. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Savannah Garrett had always had a good head on her shoulders. She was well-educated and had a fantastic teaching job at a prestigious school in Boston. Her life was just where she wanted it to be until she returned to her home town in the suburbs of Philadelphia for her 10 year class reunion.

Seeing old friends and reminiscing about her high school days was expected. Seeing her first love after five years was not. Can she handle seeing Sam Reynolds after all this time and could she get through the hurt and pain their past relationship had caused?

Can there be a second chance for Savannah and Sam or would a deep, dark secret destroy their chances of happiness?



I’d heard a lot of buzz about this book on Facebook and Twitter so when a friend gifted me a copy of it; I was more than happy to read it. I liked this story quite a bit and while I found it a bit uneven at times; the author has a great voice, fantastic sense of humor, and a style that will keep me reading her work. One thing that was hard to not love was the close friendships between Savannah (Savy) and her friends. It’s the kind of friendships that we all appreciate and all hope to maintain all of our lives.

Savannah and Sam were high school sweethearts who continued their relationship into their twenties when distance and a conversation gone wrong break them apart. When they are reunited at their 5 year reunion, things heat up again but come to an abrupt end. Now it’s their 10 year reunion and Savannah is back for it mainly because Sam is working overseas and won’t be around. However, Sam has other ideas and they are once again thrust together.

There were so many good aspects to this book. Normally I’m not a big fan of flashbacks in movies, television shows or books but in this case they worked and they worked well. I loved seeing Savy and Sam’s young relationship through now adult eyes and I especially liked that they were triggered by a specific moment. I adored the friendships in this book both Savy and her girlfriends and her sister and Savy and her best guy friend, Tyler. I could totally relate to their relationship as my best friend in high school was a guy that brought back tons of great memories. The memories of Savannah’s late father and the scene where she shares his last moment on earth with Sam had me bawling like a baby. It was truly a memorable and well written scene as another emotional memory she shares but I won’t say any more on that so as to not spoil the story. I must say that Savy’s sister Georgia was a delight. I loved her sassiness and her smart mouth. I also love that she doesn’t back down and she has her sister’s back no matter what. The one character I related to the most though was Savy’s friend, Maddy. I felt like she was the level headed one in the group, the one who tried to make everyone see reason even when they chose not to. The one that went through so much and understands how important second chances are but still can’t get her hardheaded friends to listen. I liked her throughout but towards the end it became even more obvious as to why she tried so hard to make her point. The thing I related to most in this book is the importance of music in our lives and how much it touches us and affects us every day. I can very much related to that and love that Savy’s wish was to impart this wisdom on the children she teaches. I absolutely love the idea of the “soundtrack of our lives”…that is simply brilliant.

So, yes there was a lot that was good with this book but there were some things that drove me a little crazy as well. I hated, flat out hated the games Sam and Savannah played with each other. I felt that for two people approaching 30 they acted very immaturely many times over. While I understand they were both hurting, I find this type of behavior somewhat deplorable. It bothered me that these two never seemed to master the art of communication. They both are very guilty of blowing up and shutting down without listening to the other one and they both seem to be incapable of forgiveness. It seriously makes me question their ability to stay together as they seem to be unable to get though the hard times intact.

It is really hard to review a book where you absolutely loved so many parts but had issues with others. Overall, Reunion is a good story. I would have loved to know more about the main characters, I felt they were somewhat one dimensional. After Savy dropped the bomb on Sam both times, I would have liked to know more about what he was thinking and feeling. This is a very good first effort and I have no doubt M.R. Joseph will continue to hone her craft and keep delivering books filled with witty dialog and emotional plots that will keep us entertained for years to come.


3.5 Stars

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review – I’ll have to look this book up

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