Review – Cowboy’s Texas Rescue (Black Ops Rescues #3) by Beth Cornelison

“…be the change you wish to see…”

“It’s nice to have someone with your…um, skill set…around when there’s a killer on the loose.”

Taking out bad guys is in Jake Connelly’s DNA as much as strength, fearlessness and Greek-god good looks. So is rescuing women like Chelsea Harris, who’s kidnapped by a brutal escaped convict. What isn’t in the cowboy hunk’s DNA, Chelsea fears, is an interest in relationships—especially with a jilted size-fourteen plain Jane like herself.

With the killer on the loose and a Texas-size blizzard raging, Jake and Chelsea take refuge in an icy farmhouse. Sudden sparks between them turn on plenty of heat! But Jake has sworn to put his black ops career before distracting emotions. He needs to stay focused to stop the convict’s reign of terror…and protect Chelsea from the danger of falling for him…



Chelsea Harris has bad, bad luck…she just needs to get to her parents house before the purestdelightawardsnowstorm that is chasing her, hits the area. But instead of watching the storm from the warmth and safety of her parents house, she ends up being the victim of a car jacking by an insane escaped convict and gets thrown in the trunk half naked. Then to add to it a stranger who pulls over to be a Good Samaritan to what he thought was a stalled vehicle becomes her trunk “roommate”.

Jake “Cowboy” Connelly is a helicopter pilot with bad, bad luck…he is on leave from his black ops group in Afghanistan to get to his father who is hospitalized. He is trying to be the Good Samaritan that he is by stopping and helping who he thinks is another driver stuck on the road trying to get home before the storm. And now, he is the trunk “roommate” of Chelsea.

Between the two of them they have to escape from the trunk, survive the storm, save Chelsea from hypothermia, find shelter and try and stop the killer from killing any more people while waiting for the storm to let up and the police to arrive.

All in a day’s work right? Oh, did I mention avoid their little spark of interest in each other from turning into a wildfire. Um, yeah, that is something that cannot be avoided no matter what!

All Chelsea wanted to do was house sit and recoup from disastrous relationship and all Jake wanted was to be with his family. The problem is the extraordinarily large cloud of bad luck that just won’t let them go.

But sometimes, you need to stand in the path of bad luck to see the good luck on the other side!

I loved this story! It was a fantastic read from the first page to the last. The characters were wonderful and so fun to read about. I was cheering and turning pages to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything. This was worthy of 4 stars out of a five star review. The chemistry between the leads, Chelsea and Jake, was smoldering and hot. Jake is the kind of man you would want in any drastic situation and Chelsea never turned into a simpering whiny woman. She held her own and that is the kind of female lead you should always read about.

This is definitely worthy of a second read, and another, and well, you get the point!!!


4.5 Stars

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2 thoughts on “Review – Cowboy’s Texas Rescue (Black Ops Rescues #3) by Beth Cornelison

  1. Lol…good review! Love that both characters had bad bad luck….

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