ARC Review – Still (Long Slow Tease #1) by Ann Mayburn

This review originally posted 2/26/2013

For me it was incredibly sexy to see a tiny, beautiful woman demand exactly what she wants- to tame a lion if you will. To sit astride a stallion and give him the discipline and love he needs to be content. ~ Ava, Guilty Pleasures

Dr. Michelle Sapphire and Gunnery Sergeant Wyatt Callahan formed an unbreakable bond and an unacknowledged, forbidden attraction to each other while serving together in Afghanistan. Their lives are forever changed when a mortar attack grievously wounds Wyatt and Michelle brings him back from the brink of death. But when they both return to the civilian world, Michelle discovers that her rock-solid Marine is suffering from severe PTSD and may even be suicidal.

Wyatt Callahan fell hard for the aristocratic blonde doctor the moment he laid eyes on her. After reentering civilian life in his hometown near Austin, Texas, Wyatt is plagued by nightmares of the death and suffering he witnessed during the war. He’d love to reach out to Michelle, but — Michelle is a Dominatrix, and she has made it very clear to Wyatt she isn’t interested in a relationship with anyone who doesn’t accept her lifestyle. An Alpha male to the core, he can’t imagine the appeal of being submissive. At the same time, the idea of serving Michelle, of being everything she wants and needs, rings true in his wounded soul.

Michelle has dark secrets of her own, and together with Wyatt she will have to battle her personal demons during their emotional journey of healing, redemption, and love.


Michelle Sapphire and Wyatt Callahan are friends, colleagues, and now out of active duty. The atruegemawardattraction was always there but the environment prevented true opportunity to test the connection. Both being devoted to their military careers neither willing the jeopardize them for a romp in the sheets. Now that they’re out of harms way, the biggest obstacle they seem to face is themselves. Both struggling with emotional challenges, these two truly bring out the best in each other.

There is so much to this story I’m struggling to give it justice. It’s truly a fabulous read and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

First I want to talk about BDSM. I’m not big on the genre, because I’ve always struggled with female subservience. It. Bugs. Me. But because it’s fiction and I can see it’s for titillation I can read it and enjoy it, most of the time. I don’t like seeing heavy physical pain, or significant humiliation. Behaviors that I like to call ‘boot lickin’ aren’t for me. I’ve always been intrigued by female Domme’s because, let’s face it, there aren’t many within the genre. Why? I think because women (us readers) have a major misconception. They seem to think a submissive male loses his Alpha genes and follows some Ball Buster around like a puppy, effectively a boot licker… I’ve yet to read a book like that. The reason is simple, it’s not interesting to us. Weak men aren’t attractive to the audience. So I think it’s much more difficult to cast them in a submissive role, and retain the Alpha traits we so obviously demand. But do you see submissive women as weak? When you read a well written BDSM story who truly holds the power? Fans of the genre know the answer. So if reading about a female Domme is ‘not for you’ I challenge you to read this book. When you’re done, if you still think it’s not for you, shoot me a note a let me know. Because this story is very satisfying and I didn’t once find Wyatt weak because he wanted to cherish his Domina. To love her, protect her, and give her the security she needs in D/s play, and still retain the strength of a man, a true Alpha male. For me it was incredibly sexy to see a tiny, beautiful woman demand exactly what she wants- to tame a lion if you will. To sit astride a stallion and give him the discipline and love he needs to be content. To give him purpose and a path to happiness that is mutually healing and rewarding.

I know some tiny firecrackers who have a full size Alpha Male worshiping them everyday. Do you? I promise you those boys wouldn’t have it any other way. And of course I have to mention Ann happened to have some of my favorite things in Still.
Austin, Texas.
Horses- even a TWH!
a Rottweiler.
Strong patriotic Texas gentleman.

Did I mention Texas? So maybe I really connected to this story right from the get go, because the setting was truly perfect. Ann has another installment in the works for Michelle and Wyatt, and I know exactly why she’s calling this series a Long Slow Tease!!! Now READ IT! I Dare Ya! ~Ava


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  1. Thanks for the review – this sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading – didn’t realize Ann had started a new series

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