ARC Review – Merciless (A Mercy Gunderson Mystery #4) by Lori Armstrong

This series gets better and better with each book!! Like with the others this one got a hand hold on me, and I couldn’t put it down till I was finished with it. ~ Guilty Pleasures

In the spirit of J.A. Jance, Nevada Barr, and C.J. Box comes Shamus Award-winning author Lori Armstrong’s sharp and gritty Merciless, about Black Ops army sniper-turned-FBI agent Mercy Gunderson and her quest for vengeance when a killer narrows his sights on her and her family.Mercy Gunderson is thrown into her first FBI murder case, working with the tribal police on the Eagle River Reservation, where the victim is the teenaged niece of the recently elected tribal president. When another gruesome killing occurs during the early stages of the investigation, Mercy and fellow FBI agent Shay Turnbull are at odds about whether the crimes are connected.

Mercy can’t discuss her reservations about the baffling cases with her live-in boyfriend, Eagle River County Sheriff Mason Dawson, due to job confidentiality, and the couple’s home on the ranch descends into chaos when Dawson’s eleven-year-old-son Lex is sent to live with them. While hidden political agendas and old family vendettas turn ugly, masking motives and causing a rift among the tribal police, the tribal council, and the FBI, Mercy realizes that the deranged killer is still at large—and is playing a dangerous game with his sights set on Mercy as his next victim.

Torn between her duty to the FBI and her duties to those she loves, Mercy must unleash the cold, dark, merciless killer inside her and become the predator, rather than the prey.

I have to say this is one of the harder reviews I have had to write, because Lori has truly outdone
herself with this one!! I have to fight myself from going supper fan girl on this one! This series gets better and better with each book!! Like with the others this one got a hand hold on me, and I couldn’t put it down till I was finished with it. I just really really LOVE Mercy!!!

So far the FBI hasn’t lived up to the unrealistic expectations brought on by watching The X Files, and the endless lectures are getting old. Mercy may regret complaining about that though with her first case. Women are being killed around the reservation and town, and they are looking to be connected. When she tries convincing the higher ups in her office about her gut feelings in this case she ends up with grunt, and kinda puts herself at odds with fellow agent Shay Turnbull.

While her work life is kinda crazy things at home are actually going great for her. Living with her boyfriend, Sheriff Mason Dawson is going great. They have found a way to coexist, by keeping their home and work lives separate. A wrinkle does get thrown at them when Mason’s eleven year old son, Lex comes to live with them. You get to see a deeper yet softer side of Mercy as she truly adjusts to her new life, but you can guarantee she still has all her rough edges we love when those she loves are threatened.

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this book in the Mercy series!! I find with this one we get to know Mercy on a much deeper level as she opens up more, and fights her ingrained training that would normally have her closing herself off. The relationship with Mason is truly steamy and downright truly romantic, because he understands that she isn’t your typical woman. She is more of a buy me bullets instead of flowers kinda gal. Plus the relationship between Mercy and Lex is just great!! I highly recommend this book and series, and truly hope that we get to see more and more of Mercy!!

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6 thoughts on “ARC Review – Merciless (A Mercy Gunderson Mystery #4) by Lori Armstrong

  1. This series sounds great and I love her Rough Rider books that she writes under her other pen name so I have no doubt these will be great as well!

  2. My hubby is so excited about this release!! Just sent him the link to the review, thanks KC Lu!

  3. Thanks for stopping in ladies!!! I have to admit again this is my favorite of the series!! I am doing a reread as we speak!! When the kindle version downloaded to my iPad, I couldn’t resist it! 🙂

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