Review – The One that Got Away by Jess Dee

Sometimes its impossible to know whether he was the one who got away or the one you’re definitely better off without…until he comes back into your life.

Lily Kember never dreamed a causal introduction to a friend’s friend would change her life, but three days after meeting Kai Jettison, she’s fallen deeply and irrevocably in love.

Kai falls just as hard, yet minutes after telling her as much he has no choice but to rip her heart to shreds, leaving whatever has blossomed between them lying in tatters on the ground.

It’s been five months since that fateful day. Five months of no contact. Now Kai is attending the same end of year bash as Lily, and bumping into him seems unavoidable. Lily’s choices are limited: either steel her emotions against Kai or risk losing her heart to him all over again.

Jess Dee delivers us one hot as hell quickie!!!! The One That Got Away is a great read for those moments where you only have a small window to fit in a read, and you want a whole story.

When I say Kai screwed up big time, I’m not exaggerating. He lost his heart 5 months ago to Lily, and although they only spent 3 days together that is exactly where his heart stayed. He though he had to live up to a previous commitment, but ohh he shouldn’t have. Can he convince Lily he is for real this time??

Lily fell hard and fast for Kai, but just moments after he rocked her world he tore it apart. Now five months later he is back, and she isn’t happy to run into him at a party. Will she fall under is spell again, or will she hold her heart back from him??

Sometimes men are just plain dumb, and they have to hurt themselves and the ones that mean the most to them to see that they actually love them with everything in them. Kai is one of those men. I loved his poor dumbass! When he fights for a woman, he is not above using everything in is sexy arsenal. I don’t want to spoil too much of this story, so I’m going to leave it at this. But I truly hope y’all love it as much as I have. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Review – The One that Got Away by Jess Dee

  1. I love this type of story. Let’s face it, it’s fun to see a man act like a dumbass and then have to work his butt off to fix it!

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