Review – Bluegrass Undercover (Bluegrass Brothers #1) by Kathleen Brooks

In her first follow-up to the Best Selling Bluegrass Series, Kathleen Brooks brings Keeneston back to life through the Davies Brothers. Cade Davies had too much on his plate to pay attention to newest resident of Keeneston. He was too busy avoiding the Davies Brothers marriage trap set by half the town. But when a curvy redhead lands in Keeneston, the retired Army Ranger finds himself drawn to her. These feelings are only fueled by her apparent indifference and lack of faith in his ability to defend himself.

DEA Agent Annie Blake was undercover to bust a drug ring hiding in the adorable Southern town that preyed on high school athletes. She had thought to keep her head down and listen to the local gossip to find the maker of this deadly drug. What Annie didn’t count on was becoming the local gossip. With marriage bets being placed, and an entire town aiming to win the pot, Annie looks to Cade for help in bringing down the drug ring before another kid is killed. But can she deal with the feelings that follow?

I really enjoyed author Kathleen Brooks Bluegrass series, so it thrilled me to no end that she’s started a follow up series, Bluegrass Brothers featuring the Davies brothers. Bluegrass Undercover is the first book in the series and if the rest are as good as this one, we are in for a treat! A hot, ex-military hero who now teaches school and coaches football and a kick-ass heroine who’s a DEA agent with a reputation for knocking around the scumbags she takes down. How can you not want to read this book?

Annie Blake (aka Annie Hill) is transferred to Keeneston, Kentucky where shipments a new steroid based drug are originating from. She’s going in undercover as a high school guidance counselor. She has no doubts she’ll break this case wide open, what she doesn’t expect is to find out she wants more out of life than her job.

Cade Davies loves his home town, enjoys his teaching job, and is a nervous about taking over as head football coach at Keeneston High School. The last thing he needs is the new guidance counselor stepping in to “protect” him from an out of control player.

From the start I loved how Annie thought Cade was inept at protecting himself and he was enthralled with her from the start. After an encounter with some thugs, they both do some digging. Annie finds out Cade’s military history and Cade discovers Annie is DEA. He decides to keep it to himself. With Cade’s players being target by the drug pushers and Annie trying to shut it down, they find themselves thrown into working together. The soon find themselves the target of a drug ring, Cade because his influence over the players and Annie because she is Cade’s “girlfriend.”

Once again the people from the town are front and center in this story. These books would not be the same without this nutty but loveable group of characters. We also see the couples from the first three books and spend a bit more time with the rest of the Davies’ brothers.

Both Cade and Annie are great characters and I really enjoyed watching Cade peel away the many barriers Annie had in place. I think it not only shocked him but her at how close she allows him to get. Annie also finds herself with “girlfriends” something she’s never experienced before. Then when Cade’s mother realizes she doesn’t have any family except for a long lost cousin she’s immediately brought into the fold. I liked that once Annie realized she was making friends and in a relationship that she really didn’t try to fight it, she pretty much embraced it and moved forward. Cade is very patient with Annie and gives her space when she gets scared but he’s always there to catch her when she needs him.

Bluegrass Undercover is a great start to this new series and I’m glad that Kathleen continues her tradition of writing intelligent, strong female characters. It doesn’t hurt that her male leads are hot, alpha males who know how when to support their women and when to back off. In addition this book brought to light the fight against the new “designer” drugs targeting today’s youth and the DEA agents who are trying to bring these rings down. A great story and message all the way around!

4.5 Stars

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8 thoughts on “Review – Bluegrass Undercover (Bluegrass Brothers #1) by Kathleen Brooks

  1. I just adore this series.. and I have read all the books. I have this one downloaded on my kindle ready to read…

  2. I have the first novel in the Bluegrass series on my Kindle… guess both are getting added to the epic TBR queue of doom!

  3. Just mention Bluegrass , and I know that it a book that I will read. The characters are always terrific, can relate to them.

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