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When I agreed to be my best friend’s maid of honor, I thought it would be fun. Maybe I’d even meet a nice, single guy at the reception. But now the bride is missing, I have the hang over from hell and it seems I may have accidentally had sex with the groom last night while pretending to be a stripper to spy on him at his bachelor party… Or maybe I didn’t.

It’s hard to tell since I can’t remember much past drinking that last Hurricane on Bourbon Street. There’s also this matter of the groom’s identical twin brother and the fact they have a habit of switching places.

I do know one thing, nothing is what it seems in New Orleans. Anything can happen…and it usually does.



New Orleans is a fun quick read from Cat Johnson!! I LOVED it!! As a Louisiana girl I know that what the fudge happened last night feeling that you often times wake up to after a night of partying in New Orleans.

Rose hopes to be a great maid of honor to her best friend, Beth, but the night of the bachelorette party may just ruin her chance. Rose wakes up the next morning with no memory of how she got back to the hotel room, and then is shocked to see the groom come in the room and kiss her on the lips right before she gets sick all over the place. The last memory she has is of Beth sending her in undercover as a stripper into the bachelor party. What the heck happened between her getting there and her waking up? And will there still be a wedding?

I honestly don’t want to give too much away about this wonderful quick read! This is another one of those lunch break books, and I think y’all will love this one. Cat once again created a story that will keep you hostage till the end.

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9 thoughts on “Review – New Orleans by Cat Johnson

  1. Definitely adding this to my tbr pile. My husband is from New Orleans, so I love reading books set there and I already love Cat. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Wow, a Cat Johnson book I haven’t read didn’t think there were any of those out there! Thanks KCLu for your review…off to Amazon!!

  3. Cat Johnson is one of the authors I have on my “new authors to read” list.. Thanks for bringing her to my attention again with this great review…

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