Review – Forfeit by Zara Stoneley

An erotic romance novel with themes including sex in public, spanking, exhibitionism and ménage

Cat’s life is falling apart – her boyfriend’s dumped her, she’s lost her home and she’s about to quit her job. Her boss, Brent, has a solution: become his wife for a year, to help him land a big promotion. But Cat’s had a taste of Brent before, and she knows he’s a bad boy who loves women and leaves them. So she agrees to marry him, but tells him there’s to be no sex. He adds his own condition: if she as much as talks to another man in that time, she must pay, by acting out of 12 of Brent’s kinkiest sex fantasies. When she breaks the rule, the forfeit is on: but opening up and letting Brent into her heart, as well as her bed, could be the most dangerous game of all .



I was a bit confused at the beginning of Forfeit but, as I read, I began to understand the true meaning behind the book and all the pieces started falling into place. So, what started out as being a story that had me wanting to slap the “hero” in the head, had me ending up cheering for him.

Brent is an arrogant SOB that has held Cat’s fate in his hands for over a year. A marriage of convenience so that Brent could secure his place on the Board and Cat could secure her future. There was one catch to the marriage – no sex unless one of them broke the agreement. If the contract was broken, then the other had to “Forfeit”. Well, Cat broke the agreement and had to pay the “Forfeit”. She had to fulfill 12 fantasies of Brents – one for each month that they were together with no sex. And, what fantasies he had!

OK, so Brent’s initial reasons for taking Cat as his wife were to try to get her out of his system. They spent one night together and he walked away. Cat didn’t like being his one-night play thing which is why she put the “no sex” clause in the agreement when he asked her to marry him. Cat refused to give into her “want” of Brent, no matter what. Yes, bad past relationship. Brent refused to accept the fact that he could not have her for over a year so, he set her up for the fall. What Brent didn’t count on was finding out that he couldn’t get her out of his system and that he loved her. How was he going to let her walk away when the “Forfeit” was over?

Once you get past all the sex in the book and, believe me, there’s a lot, you get to see the true Brent. You understand his reasons for not wanting to have a relationship. You also learn of Cat’s past and why she is afraid to give into her sexual needs. Put an alpha male and an insecure female together and you get fireworks in the extreme sense of the word. He finally gets her to realize that “a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom” is okay. There is nothing to be ashamed about and everything to look forward to.

Zara Stoneley’s writing was very explicit. She moved the story along and brought glimpses of Cat and Brent through at the right times. I feel that I would have understood the book a little better if we started getting glimpses of Brent’s intentions sooner in the book. Maybe then I wouldn’t have felt like he was using her. But, it all came together when he finally opens up to her and she accepts who she really is. One thing that I can say is that the banter between the two of them when they are not having sex or as they are leading up to sex is fun. This truly brought them to life for me, made them a real couple and not just 2 people who were fulfilling an agreement. And, yes, they do have their Happily Ever After even if she just keeps saying “Maybe”.

3.5 Stars

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7 thoughts on “Review – Forfeit by Zara Stoneley

  1. Thanks Kitty for the honest review. The premise of this book sounds very interesting.

  2. I appreciate the heads up! When I read this I will give Brent a little slack before I have to mentally thump him in the head.

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