Aug 09

Review – Elevated Exposure by Rosalie Stanton

Lennon Bishop’s harmless crush on his hot secretary, Kenzie Drake, morphs into an overwhelming obsession when it arrives. A tape delivered anonymously. He has no idea what to expect when he plays it, but it certainly isn’t a naked Kenzie bringing herself to orgasm. Soon his obsession becomes too much to handle and he has no choice but to quietly remove her from his staff.

But then he comes home one evening to a burglarized apartment, and when he catches the culprit in the elevator, his shock at discovering it’s Kenzie is quickly overshadowed by his anger. She’s stolen a confidential file that he needs for his first high-profile case—but that’s not all she took.

The power goes out and the elevator breaks down, trapping them inside. Which gives Lennon plenty of time to explain to his former secretary why she found her own personal sex tape in his VCR. And maybe, finally, give into temptation.

After having a crush on his secretary for months Lennon is forced to have her reassigned after he stumbles on a “private” tape of her that he can’t get out of his head. Unbeknownst to him Kenzie is terminated instead of fired and now she’s looking for a little retribution.

After a little B&E in order to get a confidential file from Lennon’s apartment, Kenzie is surpised to find herself trapped in an elevator with her ex-boss/still current crush and things have nowhere to go but up.

Although this is just a short story Ms. Stanton managed to portray the emotion and full story perfectly. The passion between Kenzie and Lennon comes through in a way that makes this a hard one to put down. Once you start, you just can’t stop.

3.75 Stars

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  1. Slick~Guilty Pleasures Reviewer

    Thanks Lee for the review, this one looks interesting!!

  2. Maria D.

    Thanks for the review – this sounds like it could be a scorcher

  3. Timitra

    Ooooh I like the sound of this…thanks Lee!

  4. MaryC

    Wonder who sent the tape – thanks for the review!

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