ARC Review – Who’s Your Daddy? by Lauren Gallagher

Everyone’s bringing baggage to this baby shower.

After her divorce, Carmen James is still trying to get back on her feet when fate pulls the rug out from under her. She’s pregnant—and she’s not sure who’s the father. Just one more thing for her impossible-to-please family to worry about. On the bright side, there are only two candidates: her best friend, Donovan, and Isaac. His boyfriend.

A little too much wine and the desire to comfort lead Donovan and Isaac to a night they both hope Carmen doesn’t regret. When she drops the bomb, though, Donovan’s plate, already crowded with a teenage son and a disapproving father, gets fuller. And Isaac, who’s still coming to terms with his bisexuality, wonders how he’ll handle fatherhood at forty.

Above all, both men worry that whatever the answer to the ultimate question—which of them got her pregnant—it will forever alter their longstanding friendship with Carmen. While they’re waiting for that answer, though, continuing their casual sexual relationship with her feels natural. But when emotions get involved, the cracks in their logic begin to drive Isaac, Don and Carmen apart just when they need each other the most.

Product Warnings
This book contains three people in one hell of a pickle (anyone have any ice cream?), parents who suck at parenthood, parents-to-be who think they’ll suck at parenthood, a relationship-friendship-sexual-kind-of-thing that keeps getting more complicated, and a Chuck Norris joke.

WOW, seriously that is my first thought as I finish this book. I have so many emotions and thoughts running through my head, I’m just going to hope I can put some coherent sentences together to try and explain why this book is beyond awesome.

Who’s Your Daddy is by far one of the best ménage love stories I have read in a long time. What makes this book different and interesting is the fact that the author, Lauren Gallagher, tells the story from all three points of view. Each chapter is written from the point of view of one of the three characters, but they run together seamlessly and tell this wonderfully touching, erotic, and emotional story.

Carmen is newly divorced and struggling to make ends meet after paying her attorney’s fees. She’s temporarily living with her sister and dealing with her disapproving parents. When she discovers she’s pregnant she knows down to the day it happened but what she doesn’t know is if the father is her best friend Donovan or his boyfriend, Isaac.

Donovan is a fireman and the parent of a 16 year old boy from a high school affair. He’s been living with Isaac for some time in a committed relationship. His mother died when he was young and his father does not approve of his lifestyle at all.

Isaac is a marriage counselor and family therapist. He’s approaching 40 and it trying to come to terms with the fact that he’s bisexual not full out gay as he always believed. He has a wonderfully supportive mother and step-father.

These characters are so well written and because we see things from each of their points of view, we know exactly what each of them is thinking and feeling. We understand their fears, we feel their pain, share their happiness, and cope with their heart ache. There were so many poignant moments in this book and it’s because you can’t help but care about and love these characters. Their dialog was rich and flowed so well. I found myself unable to put this book down because I had to know what happens next and prayed that it would all work out.

As you can imagine with this type of a situation there was a period of shock followed by acceptance and then realization that this is truly something special. The sex scenes between the three of them were beyond explosive. Lauren paints such a vivid picture that I had no problems envisioning these three exploring each other at all. Not only do they enjoy each other together but there are times it’s just two of them and these scenes are no less satisfying. But this story goes way beyond sex, each of these characters deals with their feelings of becoming parents and their growing feelings towards each other in different ways. At times, I wondered if they would be able to pull it off. However, these three form a bond that I like to believe is unbreakable and can take on the world.

On Carmen’s wishes they decide not to do a DNA test until after the baby is born. Because Donovan and Isaac plan on both being involved either as a father or step-father, they both go into this arrangement accepting full responsibility for the baby. Watching these three sort through and work together to make the best of this situation is illuminating and at times gut wrenching.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot but I do want to mention that Donovan’s son plays a huge part in this story. While there were some very emotional scenes throughout this book, the scenes between Donovan and Ryan towards the end of the book had me sobbing.

Who’s Your Daddy is a story that makes you believe that love conquers all. These three people were thrown into a ridiculous situation that would tear most people apart or at least pointing fingers and laying blame. Instead, these three work together and put the baby’s needs above all others. They amaze me with their unwavering support of each other, their unselfishness, and their ability to assess each other’s needs and make sure they were met. I can honestly say that this book touched me very deeply and I know it’s one I will revisit often. Let me warn you, while this is a sexy ménage story it is not without emotion, you will feel and experience all sorts of emotions while reading this book. I am so invested in these characters that I finished it wishing for a sequel so I could see how they are handling parenthood and how their relationship is faring. I’ve read many books my Lauren Gallagher over the years, but in my opinion this is a defining moment in her career. You don’t want to miss it; buy it, read it, tweet about it, write reviews at Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads, because this book deserves any and all recognition it gets!

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11 thoughts on “ARC Review – Who’s Your Daddy? by Lauren Gallagher

  1. Thank you for the review. After reading it, I’m very curious to see how the three of them deal with life’s unexpected surprises. Sounds like a great read.

  2. After reading your reveiw, I cant wait to read about these charecters, I love a menage that adds a baby to the mix.

  3. Let me echo your reaction, WOW!! I really, really appreciate your review. I would have been interested in this book just from the description but your enthusiastic review has me super excited about reading this! Sounds wonderful!

  4. Thank you all for coming by and especially for taking the time to comment. This is one of my top ten books for the year and that’s saying a lot because of the sheer amount of books I read. After I read it, I had to contact Lauren/Lori because I “needed” to talk to someone about the book and since I had read it way before release date, there was no one else to talk to. We had some very nice discussions about it, she’s a fantastic author who really tries to get into her character’s heads. I have since read another one of her books for review but it doesn’t come out until October and it was also extremely good, it’s under her L A Witt pen name, so be looking for that review as well. THANK YOU all for you kind words on my review!!

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