Angeline and Kitty’s Interview with Eve Berlin

Eve Berlin

Welcome to Guilty Pleasure’s Eve! We are happy to have you here!!

A:  What inspired you to become a writer?

E: Several things. I’ve always been an avid reader-I was raised in a house of readers-so the gene is there-lol! There are never enough books to read, IMO, so even as a kid I was writing my own stories. I’ve sort of always written.

I think another big contributing factor is my fascination with the human mind, what makes people tick, especially when it comes to love. Those are the ideas I love to explore in my writing.

A:  What type of scenes (dialogue, etc.) do you enjoy writing the most and why?

E: I don’t know that I have a favorite kind of scene-although writing sex is fun! It’s more about those magical moments when the words just flow and everything is working and feels so right. Hmm…I guess that happens to me most often when I’m writing dialogue and the characters are getting to know each other and a hint of something deeper is revealed. Those scenes always give me a lovely little thrill.

A:  Your bio says that you live in Hollywood. Do you see a lot of celebrities and do you find yourself writing your characters based on any celebrities?

E: I do see celebrities fairly often, but rarely any that I’d base a character on. Recently I’ve seen Quentin Tarantino, Justin Long, Janeane Garofalo, Nikki Sixx, Kendall Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s younger sister), Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in the original Star Trek series…But I do sometimes base a character on a celebrity. Jagger James in my book FORBIDDEN FRUIT (written under my alter-ego Eden Bradley) is based on Lenny Kravitz, and there are bits of other celebs that I sort of paste together to create my characters. Dante de Matteo in DESIRE’S EDGE has a hint of Johnny Depp in him. Actually, I’m surprised I haven’t worked Johnny in more often, since he’s a bit of an obsession. For my other celeb obsessions you can check out my Pinterest board:

K: I loved “Desire’s Edge” and the storyline behind it. I guess we all have that one person from our past that we wish we could have. Was this storyline a little secret of yours? Is there someone from your past that you would secretly desire to be with?

E: I’ve written about past relationships that didn’t end the way I would have wanted them to. Dante wasn’t one of them (I wish!), but Paul in my novella TEMPT ME TWICE was a real person-my best friend that I was in love with for years. And Joshua in my novel A 21ST CENTURY COURTESAN is based on a real guy from my past. Shaye in my upcoming novella SANCTUARY was a real person, too. (all Eden Bradley books).

Okay-I guess there’s more than one for me-lol!

A:  I, along with several of my colleagues here at Guilty Pleasures, am in love with your Edge Series. Temptations Edge releases in August and I can’t wait! Do you have more stories planned after TE?

E: Aw-thanks so much for loving this series! I would love to write Lucie and Tyler’s story, and I actually have an outline put together for them. But even more than them, I’d love to write Greyson’s story (Mischa’s business partner in TEMPTATION’S EDGE). I’ve introduced a possible love interest for him in TEMPTATION’S EDGE-you’ll have to read it and guess who it might be. *G*

The rest is up to my editor-hopefully I’ll be invited to write the next two stories swimming around in my head. And of course I’d love to hear who my readers want me to write about.

K:  Kara and Dante seemed like they were made for each other and he brings the artist back out in her as well as fulfill all of her fantasies. Do you feel that this is what a true, HEA relationship would be like? And, yes, do you pull from your own experiences with love/lust?

E: I definitely pull from my own experiences. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve been involved in the BDSM community off and on for most of my adult life, so many of the moments on the page are taken from things I’ve experienced.

I’ve also been through the good and bad aspects in being in love, and I definitely pull from those experiences and feelings.

I do think that finding the person you’re meant to be with brings out the best in you, and rediscovering your passions, allowing yourself to have them, is part of that.

K: Your writing is seamless. Everything fits together. To me, a sign of a wonderful author is that all the scenes connect in one way or another. Your love scenes are wonderfully written and erotic. Could you explain a little of your writing process? Does the story just flow from you or are there scenes that you write and then figure out where they would fit in?

E: I write in a linear fashion, so starting with the opening page and moving straight through. I know people who write scenes out of order, but I just can’t do it. One thing I concentrate on is keeping the emotional arc of each character and the relationship arc present in my head as I write, because everything the characters experience affects how they interact with each other, and this is true of the sex, too. I have to think about how a previous conversation or intimate moment or argument might affect each of them in the next scenes-and that can be especially apparent during sex, when people are their most vulnerable.

I really love writing sex scenes because of the emotional impact. Those are the moments when our deepest fears, our hopes and dreams come out, when we discover so much about ourselves-fascinating! I also think of myself as a bit of a sensualist, so writing sex is natural for me-all of those sensations coming together…touch, whispers, scents, the flavor of skin, the beautiful lines of the human body…

And thank you for the lovely compliment about my writing! *happy writer* : )

A:  If you could have dinner and drinks with one person (anyone: alive or dead) who would it be with and why?

E: I think sitting down with David Bowie would be fascinating! He’s such a brilliant performer/musician/songwriter, and he paints, too. Unfortunately, if I were ever given the chance I’m sure I’d be totally intimidated and unable to speak a coherent sentence.

A:  Is there anything else you’d like your readers to know?

E: I really want everyone to know that Eve Berlin and Eden Bradley are both me! And I have lots of books coming out-here’s my lineup:

~ASAP, but the date isn’t set since I’m self-publishing this one (an Eden book), is the reissue of SANCTUARY. I’ve done a rewrite on it and added a lot of new content, for those that may have read it before when it was part of the ‘Exclusive’ anthology with Jaci Burton and Lisa Renee Jones (originally released by Berkley Heat). This is a BDSM-themed erotic romance.

~June 19th is the release of my contemporary erotic romance novel with a slight suspense-y twist, FALLEN ANGEL, from HQN-an Eden book. This book was in my head for ten years before I had the chance to write it, and I was surprised by how utterly romantic it turned out to be.

~Hopefully within about 4 weeks of the release of SANCTUARY will be another self-published BDSM novella, BREAKING SKYE. This is another re-release, originally published with Phaze. I’ve done an enormous rewrite on this one and added tons of new content. It was one of my earlier books and needed a lot of work-plus I felt the story needed a lot of rounding out and more sex/BDSM scenes, of course. : )

You can find out more about my books on my websites: and or my group blog

A:  Guilty pleasures, we all have them…What is your Guilty Pleasure?

E: Ohhhh-admitting this is always a little embarrassing, but my favorite way to relax is by watching the most heinous reality TV shows! I love all the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, loved Rock of Love and Daisy of Love. I watch Jerseylicious, anything with the Kardashians, and any show with a psychic on it. Sad but true-lol!

A & K: Thank you for talking with us today!


If you could have dinner and drinks with one person (anyone: alive or dead) who would it be with?

One lucky commenter will win one of Eve/Eden’s backlist. Winner will be selected using on 8/12.

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29 thoughts on “Angeline and Kitty’s Interview with Eve Berlin

  1. Awesome interview ladies and thank you Eve for sharing all of that with us today. My answer to the question would be Elton John, I have always admired him and his work and I think it would be absolutely fascinating to sit down and talk with him and his partner.

  2. Great interview! I love your answer since I’d love to meet David Bowie also! My choice for a great dinner meeting is John Lennon although like you I’m sure I’d be too overwhelmed to say much! Looking forward to your new releases!

  3. Great interview! Maybe Elvis Presley, that would be interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Great interview! I was recently introduced to Eve Berlin through the Smutketeers and here on Guilty Pleasures. When Eve sent me an autographed copy of Desire’s Edge after I won a contrst, I felt like a kid at Christmas. I am loving the Desire series and can’t wait for more.

  5. I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and am now picturing Dante in my head. I love how real these characters are and knowing the inspiration behind some of them makes me swoon even more.

  6. I don’t know who I would pick to have drinks with. There have been so many great people throughout history that would be cool to talk to, and there are so many authors I would love to meet. So I am going to just pick my favorite band-Metallica. Love their music 🙂

  7. Thanks for a fun interview! I think that I would love to have dinner w/ Albert Einstein. I hear he was a hoot 🙂

  8. I would probably choose one of the many authors I love to read. Of course I would end up being all fan-girl and not be able to say anything! LOL! But I’m going to go with Cesar Millan because I would love to have tips on how to deal with other dogs/dog owners while walking mine.

  9. Really great interview I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I couldn’t help laughing at your guilty pleasure since I also watched Rock Of Love didn’t see Daisy Of Love and also watch everything Kardashian can’t seem to help myself. Now to answer your question, I’d have dinner with Shemar Moore or maybe Brad Pitt or Lenny Kravitz, I can’t decide…

  10. Eve..thank you so much for the great interview and the chance to read the ARC of Temptation’s Edge. This series is up there as one of the best BDSM series I have ever read =)

    Rhayne and Kitty great job on the interview!

  11. Awesome interview. To answer your question: Lucille Ball or Rachel Ray. I think dinner would be hilarious with either of these funny ladies. I would also love dinner with Castle’s Nathan Fillion….shhh…don’t tell my husband!

  12. This might sound a bit boring but I would love to have dinner with Abraham Lincoln. My father and I are both big Civil War enthusiasts and I would love to pick his brain on what he was thinking during that time.
    Good interview.

  13. Loved the interview. Tough question as to who I would want to have dinner with – it’s really a toss up between Queen Elizabeth 1, L. Frank Baum, or Jacquelyn Suzanne…..Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I’d love to have a chance to talk to my great aunt Lula again. She passed away about 25 years ago, and there are family stories that I’d love to have clarified. She lived in Cuba for a time, and got out on one of the last planes when Castro took over. Was in the Havana garden club with Mary Hemingway, and later neighbors of the Vanderbilts in FL.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Eve/Eden,,
    Thank you so much for allowing us to interview you. It was such an honor and pleasure to do this. I adore the series and really do hope your editor allows you to continue the series. Didi, thanks for the opportunity! Alyn, it was a pleasure to work with you too!
    As for who I would have dinner with, well it would have to be Luke Bryan. I love his music and his song’s always tell a story. But, most of all, I have a feeling it would just be a wild time – he’s such a party person!

  16. Thank you for the wonderful interview!

    I would love to have dinner with my paternal garndmother whom I never met. She lived through some interesting times and would be a wonderful source of family history.

  17. Tanks for the great interview. I would love to have dinner with my Nana. She died when I was a child (many years ago) and I still miss her terribly. I’d really love to see and talk to her again to learn more about my family and to help me figure out her recipe book, she never measured anything.

  18. I’d love to be able to meet Enid Blyton. I loved her books as a child. I spent many happy hours immersed in her books & credit her work for nurturing my love of reading.

  19. Thank you ladies for such a great interview!!!!! Oh wow to pick only one person to have dinner with It is a big toss up between Elvis Presley and Johhny Depp. LAWD!!! 🙂

    I am a new fan to these books, but I am so thankful to DiDi and the gp gals for introducing me to these!!!!!

  20. Awesome interview and oh my, why I’d love to sit down with Johnny Depp one of the people I have always wanted to meet is Cher. I’d love to sit down and ask her a lot of questions that I’ve had in my head starting back to when I was a kid and watched the Sonny & Cher show.

  21. Great interview Ladies… If I had the chance to have drinks and dinner with anyone, I would love to have it with someone like Coco Channel, I bet she had some great stories to tell…

  22. what an awesome interview. Thank you ladies. I really enjoyed it. I am also a fan and can’t wait to read all of your new releases. LOVED your celeb obsessions. They matched a lot of mine too.
    To answer your question, I think I would pick Princess Diana. I’ve always been enthralled with her ever since I was a young girl. She seemed like a wonderful person.

  23. OMG-such awesome answers! And I’m so glad someone besides me watched Rock of Love. Just heard that he refused to do a Rock of Love 4-so disappointed!
    And oh YES, girls-Johnny Depp! But if it was him I don’t think there’d be much talking going on until much later…;)
    Didi-you make me blush. 🙂

  24. I loved the interview! If I could pick someone to have dinner & drinks with it would be Prince William. I truly admired & respected his mother & can see the influence she had on her sons. I haven’t read any of this author’s books, but they are definitely being added to my TBRs.

  25. I would love to meet my ancestors that were on the Trail of Tears. My father tells me the stories that were passed down and I’d love to hear them first hand.

  26. Great interview! Thanks for sharing. My choice for dinner and drinks would be the Dalai Lama. I’ve seen him on TV before and read about him.

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