Review – Colors of Love (Speed #2) by Jess Dee

Their true colors are hidden…until one woman turns everything upside down.

Seth Pace, guitarist of the rock band Speed, is a born dreamer, and nothing stands in his way of making those dreams a reality. Except when it comes to band manager Luke Struthers. He’s everything Seth wants in a partner, but even after five years of perfectly explosive sex, Luke refuses to commit.

After a childhood ravaged by abuse, Luke knows he’s a potential danger to anyone foolish enough to love him. Seth is safer without him, but Luke has no idea how to cut him loose painlessly. Until he spots Seth’s kind of woman—pretty, smart, friendly. The plan: seduce her into a sexy threesome, then leave the two alone to fall in love. Problem solved.

A night of excitement with the two hottest men on the planet? Yeah, baby! Yet Kaz’s inborn ability to read auras tells her something isn’t right. It’s obvious Seth and Luke are madly in love, but subtle clues in Luke’s aura signal he’s up to something. She’s not sure what, but if she doesn’t do something quick, the two men she’s quickly come to adore will wind up without the happily ever after they both deserve.

Product Warnings
One man + one man + one woman = a whole lot of steamy two-way and three-way M/M & M/M/F sex, a hero or two to drool over, and a heroine who recognizes true love when she sees it.

I’m still trying to come to terms with the ending of Jess Dee’s Colors Of Love, it is unexpected, it is beautiful, and it brought tears to my eyes. Funny thing is I suspected the couple in this book during See You In My Dreams, the first book in this series. I never, ever expected what develops during this story and I’ll be honest I can almost always guess the direction a book will take but Jess caught me completely off guard with this amazing story of love, pain, and giving.

Seth Pace (aka Jordan Speed) is the main lyricist and guitarist of the band Speed. Although he’s known as the dreamer in the family, he has a way of making his dreams true. The one thing he wants more than anything is a solid and committed relationship with the band’s manager and friend, Lucas (Luke) Struthers. They’ve had a sexual relationship for a few years but it’s not enough anymore. Luke has some pretty big demons in his closet and although he loves Seth, he refuses to commit. Over the years they’ve enjoyed adding a third person into their bed and Luke hatches a plan to find someone who Seth will fall in love with and make a life with. Enter Karen (Kaz) Flaherty friend of Sophie (from book 1) and a newly unemployed, unattached, and highly likeable woman. Kaz has the unusual ability to read people’s auras and as soon as she meets Luke she knows he’s conflicted.

I can’t even begin to express how amazing this story is. Seth who most people think is aloof, is focused on making Luke his for life. He knows they belong together and refuses to accept anything less. When Luke introduces him to Kaz, he’s interested but that doesn’t diminish his love or feelings for Luke in the least. Kaz meanwhile thinks she’s hit the hot guy jackpot and is more than willing to enjoy them both. Luke thinks he’s the master manipulator because he sees how Seth likes Kaz. Thing is Kaz can “see” the feelings between the two men and while she’s happy to indulge in some hot sex, she knows that’s all it’s going to be.

While there is no doubt Kaz enjoys herself immensely with these two men, she is so giving and unselfish and I admire her so very much. I love how she helps Seth understand Luke and convinces him to confront him. Seth’s strength and absolute love for Luke is admirable. Luke trying to do the right thing (although misguided) shows us how deep his feelings for Seth really are. Let’s not forget the off the charts, out of this world, too hot to touch sex scenes. OMG, Jess Dee is the goddess of writing scenes that have you jumping your partner the minute they walk in the door!

Colors of Love is an absolute must read for anyone who believes that you will sacrifice anything to make your partner happy. All three of the main characters in this story were so loving and giving which made it all the more touching when the book comes to a close. Jess Dee is an amazing author who can write a novella with a complex plot, characters who are larger than life yet believable, and makes you wonder how the heck she’ll top this book with the next one. I am already anxiously awaiting Jonah’s story, write fast Jess!

4.5 Stars

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Slick’s Bonus Review – See You In My Dreams (Speed 1)

Every girl’s fantasy…one woman’s dream

Sophie Butler is sure she’s about to lose her much-needed cleaning job. She’s not only walked in on a guest—a violation of her employer’s cardinal rule—but she can’t seem to tear her gaze away from his gorgeous, naked-as-the-day-he-was-born body.

If all that isn’t bad enough, her usually sensible judgment and behavior are clouded by a nagging sense of familiarity. She knows the man from somewhere, she just can’t quite place him.

Nathan Pace is certain he’s just lost his jealously guarded anonymity. But hold on…if she’s just another fan looking for a piece of his alter ego, rock star Jamie Speed, why is she blushing six shades of scarlet? And why is he instantly aroused? When he catches a glimpse of her eyes, he knows. She’s the woman who for ten years has haunted his dreams.

The attraction that flares between them is undeniable—and unstoppable. But getting close means risking Nathan’s secret identity. Just this once, he’d like a woman to fall for the real man, not the press’s version of a celebrity superstar.

Warning: This may be an erotic contemporary romance, but it does contain a hint of fantasy. And when that fantasy involves erotic dreams about a gorgeous rock star, you know you’re gonna want the fantasy to become reality…

Slick’s Thoughts:
I must be upfront and honest, I adore Jess Dee. I’ve read everything she’s published so when she started this new series, I was one happy reader. When I read the first few pages of See You In My Dreams, I knew I was hooked. I mean anytime a book opens with the heroine finding our hero dripping wet and naked, come on…you just know it’s going to be a good book!

I seem to be on a Rock & Roll band kick lately. I’ve started quite a few series with this theme and somehow they are all different and I never tire of reading about these bad boys and the girls that love them. Sophie Butler and Nathan Pace fit this category perfectly and are complicated and very likeable characters.

Sophie is working on her masters degree is psychology; she works as a cleaner (maid) for an upscale condo/apartment rental company. Needless to say she’s terrified and mortified when she walks in on one of her guests in the nude.

Nathan Pace known to his adoring fans as Jamie Speed is the oldest of the Pace brothers and the main vocalist for the band. He’s wrapping up a two month vacation when he finds Sophie in his apartment.

Right away it’s evident these two have the most amazing chemistry. I swear just the way they look at each other is enough to melt your panties. Although Sophie is a Speed fan, she doesn’t know Nathan is Jamie. His hair is long and lighter and he isn’t wearing his performance contacts and although she tells him he resembles Jamie, he doesn’t fess up. These two enter in to what they assume will be a two day affair; Nathan will be leaving on tour and Sophie has to return to her school work. It is sexy, raw and hot but also loving and tender. Thing is they both are feeling a sense of deja vu because of dreams they’ve been having for many years.

I appreciate that Sophie let Nathan go, that she feels she doesn’t fit in his world and won’t just follow him like a puppy. I adore Nathan’s pursuit of Sophie and how hard he falls for her. Their relationship is the stuff dreams are made of, literally.

In addition to Nathan and Sophie, there is a great cast of other characters including Nathan’s brothers, the band’s friend and manager and Sophie’s friends. The rapport between the brothers seemed real, they joked, they talked smack yet they were willing to listen and give sage advice. Sophie and her friend’s bond runs deep, they are more like sisters than friends and I found myself laughing at their frank talk.

I really enjoyed See You In My Dreams, it’s a fantastic read with an interesting, dialog that is scorching hot one minute and laugh out loud funny the next, and characters I’d love to meet and hang with. Jess Dee has another winner of a series on her hands and I can’t wait for the next book!!

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