Review – Twister (Party Games #3) by Lexxie Couper

Getting the upper hand—and foot—was never this naughty.

As the man who snared the reins of his father’s global media empire and propelled it to new heights, Lachlan McDermott is accustomed to people jumping to obey his every command. He knows he is painted as handsome, arrogant and influential with the power of information at his control. But no one knows he’s got a weakness. Only one. And now, that weakness is in his house. Braless.

Über successful fashion photographer Cameron Winters used to be the super-model known only as Kole. But Kole dropped out of sight a long time ago. Only one thing can bring Cameron out of her self-imposed exile from public life: a man who doesn’t know she exists.

The trouble is, when Cameron comes face to face with Lachlan at an exclusive Sydney party, he immediately brings out the “Kole” in her. And Kole doesn’t bow down to anyone. Not even the one man who monopolizes her fantasies.

When they’re pitted against each other on the Twister mat, surrender isn’t part of the deal, and getting tangled up is only the beginning. Especially when their secrets keep getting in the way.

Product Warnings
Read in private. Contains a sexy, brooding, smoldering, dominating Australian Alpha male hero who will make you want to take your clothes off and beg to play.

ARC Review

Twister is the third book in Lexxie’s Party Games series. This series takes place during a house party where all kinds of teenage games with an adult twist are being played. I’ve enjoyed the series so far, and am excited to bring you a review of this exciting, fun, and very sexy book.

I enjoy novellas, mainly because if I start one late at night I can finish them without staying up all night. My biggest complaint with novellas is that rarely do I feel I get to know the characters. However, Lexxie Couper does a fantastic job developing her characters and gives us a decent plot despite the short length.

As Lachlan McDermott rolls up to his water front home he is confronted with a woman who has stolen his intended parking space. As soon as he sees her, he recognizes her as his childhood fantasy, the supermodel Kole. Cameron Winters (AKA Kole) feels an immediate attraction for the man she meets outside a party. Something she hasn’t felt for a long time. Some serious banter and sexual innuendos fly around but Lachlan maintains his distance. Despite her insistence she’s not Kole, Lachlan is sure she is and he doesn’t “do” models, ever. Cameron discovers this is her friend Lillian’s brother and she heads inside. Soon these two find themselves in a scorching kiss on the stairs and then a very interesting game of Twister. Following a pretty heated argument, Cameron flees the party with Lachlan hot on her trail.

These two don’t know each other very well and wind up spending a lot of time arguing, making up, and eventually discovering the many layers to each other. They fight off paparazzo, a nasty ex-step mother, some pretty awful past traumas, and trust issues.

Despite everything, these two manage to fall for each other and head towards a HEA. I’m hoping we’ll see them in the next book. There’s a pretty big hint that Mac and Lillian’s story will be next although Lachlan might bust a vein over that one! I thoroughly enjoyed Twister; it’s a story that proves there’s a fine line between lust and love.


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9 thoughts on “Review – Twister (Party Games #3) by Lexxie Couper

  1. your review has me intrigued. I’m going to have to check out these Party Games stories.

  2. Great review! I have this book on my buy list and can’t wait for it to be released

  3. You pointed out my main likes and dislikes about novellas. Good job by the author in writing her novella.

  4. Ooh, an Australian hero. Can’t remember the last time I played Twister.

  5. I like the premise this series is based on…will definitely check it out!

  6. I love this cover. I saw a pix with the Twister board as a sheet. I want them. Will be checking this one out.

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