Review – Spice and Smoke by Suleikha Snyder

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To their adoring public, Avi Kumar and Trishna Chaudhury are Bollywood’s sweethearts. Behind closed doors, their open marriage lets them freely indulge in all manner of forbidden passions. The arrangement suits them both, but as they begin filming on the set of their new movie, the heat of new and rekindled flames singes the pages of what they thought would be a fresh script.
When costars Michael Gill and Harsh Mathur arrive on set, the sexual temperature goes up exponentially—at least for Trish. She can’t take her eyes of Harsh, for whom she’s carried a torch for years. Avi’s instant attraction to Michael, however, bounces off Michael’s solid wall of resistance.
Meanwhile, ex-boyfriends Vikram Malhotra and Sam Khanna, cast as fictional enemies, are finding it harder and harder to control the very real demons that once cost them the love of a lifetime.
Once the music starts, though, they all have no choice but to dance . And pray the fallout doesn’t ruin all their careers…and destroy their love.

When I first read the overview to this book, I was intrigued. Bollywood, Manage and a little kink. As I started reading, I realized that I probably should have researched it a little more.

The storyline is set around a movie production set in India (Bollywood) that brings old and new lovers together. The book is in 2 parts – Avi and Trishna and then Vikram and Sam. Both parts come together in the end with an HEA for all parties. There are several Menage scenes as well as m/m. I had some problems with the dialog going from English to Indian, it seemed to have thrown the pace of the book off, slowing it down with the translations and making me re-read some of it to get the meaning behind it.

All in all, the book did have a nice storyline and the writing was good. With the exceptions of the translations, I would recommend the book as an afternoon read.

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7 thoughts on “Review – Spice and Smoke by Suleikha Snyder

  1. I am not a bit bollywood fan, but I see lots of it around. Thanks for the review.

  2. Sounds unusual, especially dealing with Bollywood. Thanks for the review.

  3. I enjoy books with an Indian setting – will put this on the maybe list due to the translation issue. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the review! I would’ve jumped on this for the reasons you stated at the beginning of your review but now I’ll do more research 😉 Now you’re making me want to read a good Bollywood menage book, I’ve never even seen one around.

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