Review – Sounds of Love by Susan Laine

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What does love sound like? If you hear it, will you heed its call?

Police officer Jordan Waters is recovering from a shooting by moving to a new apartment in a new town and taking a new job. In other words, he’s lonely. His first instinct is to relieve his anxiety through uncomplicated sex—until he meets a man so far out of his league and experience that he stumbles for the first time.

Police volunteer Sebastian Sumner may be deaf, but his spirit, openness, and sense of humor give him the strength to get through anything—even the emotional defenses of Jordan Waters. But it’s his own family history that poses the biggest challenge. Can he learn to trust Jordan with his heart, or will his upbringing blind him to the sounds of love?

Sounds of Love is told in 1st person from Jordan’s POV, Jordan is a bit aggressive when it comes to what he wants and he wants Sebastian. I like how straight forward and honest Jordan is in the story; he makes his feelings plainly known.

Sebastian is sweet and understanding, the kind of character you just want to hug and love on. He’s also deaf but being deaf doesn’t define him or hold him back in life. The story is also not about Sebastian’s disability but about Jordan and his quickly evolving relationship.

Jordan and Sebastian seem like a mismatched couple but I think they complement each other well, plus I’m a firm believer in opposites attract make for great reads.

There are also likeable secondary characters but the book kind of jumped around trying to fit in everyone’s HEA; the poker buddies Jim, Steven and Ben along with Jordan’s partner from work Kevin, they all have a romantic side story.  I think it would have been better for me if the author could have expanded on Kevin’s romance and saved the other guys stories for their own books.


3.75 Stars


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8 thoughts on “Review – Sounds of Love by Susan Laine

  1. Thanks for the review, Charnel. Susan Laine is a new author for me – I’ll be checkingout her site.

  2. I’ve never read anything by Susan Laine – she’s a new to me author- will add this to my list

  3. Stories with physically challenged characters are interesting to me, because of the extra layer of complication that it often brings to the story. Although, I have to say the cover depicts men to me that appear to be more of college or high school age, IMO.

  4. I heard about this book when it came out and I’d been wondering if it was any good. Thanks for reviewing it, I think I’ll have to read it now!

  5. Thanks for the review. I always like to see something different in a story and someone with a physical challenge is makes it more interesting.

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