Review – Liquid Lies (Elementals #1) by Hanna Martine


Gwen possesses the unique ability to pick up any language in an instant – a power that will globally expand the profitable family business. As dutiful future leader of her race of water elementals, she’ll do anything to protect her people’s secrets and bloodlines – including enter in an arranged marriage.

Reed is a mercenary addicted to the money and adrenaline rush of his work. After he saves Gwen’s life, he ignites her taboo desire for men without magic – and with bodies of gods. Just as things heat up, Reed discovers that Gwen is exactly who he’s been hired to kidnap. He resolves to put work before lust, yet her luscious beauty and fiery spirit unravel him…

But there is a terrible truth behind Gwen’s family business – and now, caught between the kinsmen she no longer trusts and an enemy bent on vengeance, the only ally she has is her abductor….

ARC Review

This is not your normal paranormal book. It is so much more than alpha male meets female, the chase and seduction of said female and the realization that love can be found at “first sight”. Hanna Martine weaves a story filled with trust, mistrust, love, hate and suspense that had me turning the pages and wondering what twist or turn would be happening next, where the story was going, how it would get there and, would there be an HEA for Gwen and Reed.

Gwen, the daughter of the chairman of the Ofarian race, can speak 23 languages. This is part of her gift along with being able to command water as all other Ofarian’s. She is the first “translator” born to the race in 150 years and is a great commodity to them. She’s convinced that leading her people in the world of “Primaries” is her reason for her gift and will stop at nothing to help and protect them from being exposed to the humans. She has heard the stories of the war between the Ofarian’s and Tedran’s since she was a little girl. She was raised knowing that her husband would be chosen for her. She was brought up believing that “Mendacia” was the answer to all their problems and would keep her race strong and profitable.

Reed, the “Retriever” is a Primary. A fine specimen of a Primary but off limits to Ofarian’s. They can succumb to the “Allure” but can never stay with them without being banished and having their magic taken away. Reed has a sketchy past and a dual personality – Reed the man, Retriever the son-of-a-bitch. A paid mercenary whose only goal is getting in – getting out – getting paid. Until Gwen. There is something “off” about this mission and he decides to alter his contract, stay and protect Gwen. But, his past is starting to catch up with him and Nora is threatening to expose him to his enemy. There are so many facets to Reed that it is hard to put in words the kind of man he really is. When you turn the page you do not know who is going to be there….the man falling in love with Gwen or the man paid to do a job.

There are so many other characters in this book that play a vital part in Gwen and Reed’s story. Nora, Xavier, Aline, Griffen and Genasai. And, of course, the Board of the Ofarian’s. They all bring this story together and it would not have been as compelling of a book without getting to know each of these characters.

Hanna Martine is a very talented writer. This story flowed – there was no down time at all. There was such a smooth transition between characters and scenes, there was no choppy ending of one story line to bring in another. The story built upon itself as it went on and, as each character was brought into the story, you knew the reason they were brought in and their purpose in completing the story. The love scenes were very well written and fit in the book. They weren’t thrown in for “shock” value or to just spice up the book. When Gwen and Reed finally made love, you knew it was the right time – it’s how it would have naturally happened. What you didn’t know was how everything was going to play-out in the end. I literally was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see how Gwen was going to keep all her promises, how she was going to keep the secret of the other-worlders from the Primaries, who her allies were and who really were her enemies. There was so much more to Liquid Lies than the under-lying love story of Gwen and Reed (yes, to me the love story was secondary) and the possibilities for this series are endless. I was surprised with how the book ended but understand why she ended it that way. You have no choice but to wonder and question where she will be going with the story-lines that were left open. I cannot voice my questions here since it would only lead to spoilers. I am looking forward to seeing where she brings this cast of characters, how she transitions them into the human world and what’s next for the Ofarian’s and the Tedran’s.

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  1. Great review! This really sounds like a different type of paranormal romance and I’m adding it to my wishlist now

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review! The review, along with the excerpt posted on Hanna’s site, has convinced me that I really need to read this book!

  3. Thanksfor the review. What an eyecatching cover!!
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