Review – The Officer Says I Do (Semper Fi #1) by Jeanette Murray

Captain Timothy O’Shay is on pre-deployment leave in Las Vegas when he meets Skye McDermott. For once, Tim lets loose and the two hook up. But in the morning, Tim wakes up to discover he’s married to a woman who’s the polar opposite of what he always envisioned in a wife.

But Skye is sure that this is fate, and that they are destined to be together. Can she convince him to stay with her before he’s deployed?

The Officer Says “I Do” is the first book in the Semper Fi series.  This is a sweet love story about fate and finding your own happiness.

Skye and Tim meet one night in Vegas and after too many drinks and a too many kisses they  wind up married.  He doesn’t remember the wedding even happened and heads back to California the next day.  She is determined that fate brought them together for a reason and isn’t going to let him walk away easily.

To say these two are complete opposites is putting it mildly.  It more realistic to say they are from different worlds.  Skye gives up her life in Vegas determined to find her husband and fight for their marriage.

There are many obstacles that they have to learn to face and overcome.  Overtime Skye winds up changing who she really is to fit more perfectly in Tim’s life.  She is thrown into the military lifestyle that she knows nothing about and learns quickly that how she presents herself may have consequences for his career.  Tim has always has his sights set on climbing the military ladder.  The marines are more than just a job for him, it’s his life.  He is not prepared for the way his structured life is suddenly flipped upside down.

This couple was really easy to fall in love with.  Even though they have struggles and many issues fighting against them, they both are determined to try to make their marriage work.  They have great dialog and chemistry with one another.  It was fun to follow their story and discover how two people that were so different could possible find any common ground.

I admired the way Skye handled the uncomfortable and downright mean situations that she was thrown into.  She is a very vibrant individual.  Eventually she winds up losing herself to the person everyone thinks she needs to be.  I love the way that Tim comes to love Skye’s little quirks that used to drive him crazy.

Ms Murray does a great job giving us a realistic look at life inside a military family.  She details the concerns of deployments as well as the tolls this lifestyle change takes on everyone involved.  Whether she is writing dialog between characters or using terminology, the authenticity is front and center.

We are introduced to some fantastic side characters.  I am really excited to see what she has in store for us next in this series.

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9 thoughts on “Review – The Officer Says I Do (Semper Fi #1) by Jeanette Murray

  1. Good review! This sounds like a great intro to a new series and I’m adding it to my list

  2. The female MC is sure gutsy and strong to work at a marriage to a virtual stranger that is her pole opposite.

  3. I read a sample chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens when Skye shows up at Tim’s house.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful concept for a book, hope to read this one soon!

  5. Afyer reading the review, I went and read the brief excerpt postet at BN. Look forward to reading the Semper Fi series. Thanks for the review!

  6. Thanks ladies for taking the time to check out my review. I think this is the start to a fantastic new series. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did..

    Rhayne, Guilty Pleasures

  7. Oh I so want to read this book… love those Las Vegas stories, where the hero and heroine wake up married after a night on the Las Vegas strip…

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