Review – For Tia’s Pleasure (Men of Kinsey #2) by Debbie Bailey

The Kinsey triplets own and operate a very successful BDSM club in town. Having their pick of submissives on a nightly basis is starting to wear thin. They’d always dreamed of finding that one woman to share their lives with, the one woman strong enough to handle their dominance in the bedroom and submit to them, body, heart, and soul.

Tia is that woman—strong, independent, and submissive as hell in the bedroom. But taking on three alpha males wasn’t what she wanted. She’s left a marriage to a man who would do anything to get ahead in business. She has a daughter to worry about, and adding one man, let alone three, just isn’t in the cards for her. But the more time she spends with Ryder, Sam, and Dan, the deeper she falls for them. With a crazy ex determined to get what he wants, will the triplets be able to show Tia just how much they really care for her?

I am finding myself getting all giddy at the thought of twins and triplets lately and this series is responsible. “For Tia’s Pleasure” is the second book in the Men of Kinsey series and I find that I am becoming more of a fan as each story presents itself. In the first book we were introduced to Sasha and Mikhail Dalhousie, a pair of twin Doms that fall in love with their assistant Sienna. In that story, we learn about the Kinsey family and a BDSM club owned by the Kinsey triplets. Daniel, Ryder, and Samuel were there for Sasha and Mikhail when Sienna’s abusive ex-husband tried to pull her back in to his life of fists and insults. As a result, ring of wife beaters has been discovered, and the Kinsey family is making a point to take care of the problem with a united front. This includes their sister, Simone, who happens to be a judge. When Simone tells her brothers about a newly divorced woman who seems like a perfect fit for them, they simply can’t believe it without meeting her.

Tia is finally rid of her ex. For years he abused her and ignored their daughter. After catching him in an affair with his secretary, she had enough ammunition to not only divorce him, but fight for full custody of their daughter. When he decides that he would prefer to work on his career rather than be a father, he signs his rights to Tia and all is well, or so she thinks. Not knowing what will happen next, Tia is surprised when Judge Kinsey shows up asking her to meet a few people that she thinks she would like. When Tia shows up at the house to meet with her, she is greeted by a tall, handsome, hottie that makes her speechless. Ryder Kinsey was simply gorgeous. But wait, he has a twin? Make that two twins. Are these the people she was supposed to meet with?

After introductions, Tia isn’t sure what to expect. Those men were handsome and her daughter has already decided that she adores them. They seem to know her more than she realizes but is drawn to them with an odd sense of comfort. When Simone explains that Tia would be safer living with the triplets just in case the ex tries to come back, Tia hesitantly decides that the idea has merit. Who can say no the three father figures for her daughter who has never really had one. Then again, Tia is learning that saying no to the Kinsey men, is not something she wants to do at all. As the new men in her life introduce Tia to their lifestyle after dark, and the BDSM club they have become known for, she finds that she is more at home than she realized. At least, until she is held at gun point!

What a great story! I enjoy how strong the women are in this series. The fact that the stories revolve around women surviving abuse and embracing their strengths is awe inspiring. So many people misunderstand how strong a woman must be to remove herself from an abusive relationship. Even more people misunderstand how strong a woman must be in order to trust someone enough to submit to them. The Kinsey brothers embrace the strength in Tia and make a point to show her how much she is loved. Each one brings a different personality to the mix and they work together to heighten every experience that they introduce to Tia. What I love even more, is the relationship that is built with Tia’s daughter. From the moment she is introduced to them, they become like family and help her deal with her absent father. They even venture into the embarrassing territory of explaining the birds and the bees over cookies and milk.

Overall, this story made me smile, squirm, and on occasion a little angry. It brings out some emotional subjects, and sexy scenes that pack a punch for a quick read. I loved it, and can’t wait for more.

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6 thoughts on “Review – For Tia’s Pleasure (Men of Kinsey #2) by Debbie Bailey

  1. I was intrigued by the review of “For Tia’s Pleasure”. I still am trying to figure out what makes men want to share a woman but enjoy reading these stories just the same. Would love to win a copy of this book! Have a great week-end!

  2. Good review! I have not heard of this series but I’m adding it to my reading list now.

  3. Going to be adding this book to my reading list for the summer & more than likely I’ll be getting the first book in the series also. Thank you for the review. I have read more new authors this year, all because of this blog & your insightful reviews.

  4. Again Alyn, thanks and the next one should be out in July 2012. To all the new readers of my books. Thanks for all the support.

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