Review – Aidan: Loyal Cowboy by Cathy McDavid

Home Is Where The Hart Is… Aidan “Ace” Hart left Flynn McKinley heartbroken when he put family duty above her feelings. Then one night, the old passions were reignited and now Flynn is about to get something she’s always wanted-a child to love. Ace takes his responsibilities very seriously. Running Thunder Ranch and his busy veterinary practice leaves little time for a personal life. That’ll only get worse now that he’s spending every spare minute with Midnight, the champion rodeo stallion he hopes will save the ranch from financial disaster. Flynn refuses to marry Ace and be yet one more “responsibility” to him. She wants Ace to want to marry her! And until he admits he loves her, she’s determined to raise her baby alone

Aidan: Loyal Cowboy is the first book by Cathy McDavid for me, and I have to say I would read more by her!

The main character Ace is such a good man, but he guards himself maybe too good because of the pains of the past. I liked his love Flynn, and I didn’t like her. I think I saw alot of me in her, and that side of her I didn’t like. We have all had past heartaches, and guard ourselves sometimes too much because of them.

This book starts three weeks after they got together, and Ace’s fears had him leaving Flynn hurt the next morning. The one thing neither of them expected was for her to end up pregnant. Now he has to convince her to take a chance on him, and to not move an hour away.

This book is not a quick “oh I’m pregnant .. get married, and live HEA” type of romance. Flynn makes Ace prove he is worth taking a chance on, and he does everything he can think of to do that. Some people may think she takes it a tad far, but I think she did right by her and her baby. I don’t think any marriage should start with doubts and questions. It was great to read a romance that was realistic in timeline and feelings without it being a rush to HEA. I recommend checking this one out!!

KcLu gives Aidan
3.75 Stars
The Family Plan (Bonus Story)

Is Love Enough To Keep Them Together?

When a fall from a horse ends her show-riding career, Jolyn Sutherland comes home to Blue Ridge, Arizona, to heal and rebuild her life. But the onetime star performer has jumped from the frying pan into the fire…smack in the middle of a brewing domestic storm that could sabotage her blossoming relationship with Chase Raintree, her first love.

Jolyn’s homecoming is a complication the vet and devoted single father doesn’t need. Especially with her family questioning whether Chase is the biological father of his eight-year-old daughter. Mandy is everything to Chase, and Jolyn could help him complete his little family. But now that family is in danger of being split apart. Chase won’t let anyone take his child away from him, even if it means losing his second chance with Jolyn….

The Family Plan is a “bonus” book that is included with Aidan: Loyal Cowboy by Cathy McDonald. It was originally published in 2008. This is a sweet friends to lovers story with some drama thrown in along the way. It is a pleasant and entertaining read.

Jolyn Sutherland returns home to Blue Ridge following a riding accident that could have killed her. She’s endured many surgeries, physical therapy, and still has a limp and pain. But, she’s ready to move home and open her own company as a contractor. She’s studied and worked hard and is ready to start her life over again. Her best friend Chase Raintree is glad to have her back but can’t believe how much she’s changed. They shared a kiss long ago that they both have never forgotten, but then Chase went back to his girlfriend Sherry Anne and eventually married her. Now divorced and raising his 8 year old daughter on his own, Chase hopes maybe he can Jolyn can become more than friends. Trouble is Jolyn’s mother is set on proving that her son fathered Mandy (Chase’s daughter) and that adds another complication to their relationship.

Jolyn is a strong female lead character and despite the setbacks in her life, she goes after what she wants. She’s not afraid of hard work or pushing her self, it’s the reason she’s even walking after her accident. I like that she speaks her mind to everyone. She’s not afraid to tell people what she thinks even her mother.

Chase is a great hero. He’s sensitive but strong. He is fiercely protective of his daughter, Mandy and to some extent Jolyn. He knows a relationship with Jolyn will be difficult because of her family situation and because Mandy isn’t ready for him to begin dating. But, he also realizes how good he feels when Jolyn is around. He knows it’s important that she is in his life.

I really enjoyed the way Jolyn and Chase’s relationship progressed during this book. They didn’t rush; there wasn’t a need as they know each other so well. They also realize Mandy’s feelings must be taken into account because they both feel; she’s the most important factor in their budding relationship. Despite the drama from Jolyn’s Mom, Chase’s ex-wife, a health scare, and the paternity question; the story was well done. This is an engaging romance with a little sweet sex thrown in on the side. A nice summer read at the beach or by the pool.

Slick gives The Family Plan
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  1. I am putting these books on my tbr list… Thanks for the review and bringing them to my attention.

  2. I haven’t read Harlequins for quite a while, but both stories sound lovely. Thanks for the reviews!

  3. Harlequins were where it all began for me oh so many years ago! They still have lots of good stuff to offer lovers of romance! These stories sound great!!

  4. How nice to get two stories for the price on one. Have a bunch of favorite books that are older Harlequins.

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