Gennie’s Interview with Ethan Day

G: Today we have with us the fabulous author Ethan Day! For those who may be “meeting” you for the first time, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself Ethan?

E: I’m a Pisces who enjoys long walks on the beach, fondue for two, and men with great, big…hearts! (Who aren’t easily annoyed with my incessant silliness.)

What’s that? Oh…right…not that kinda interview.  In that case, I’m just a run-of-the-mill silly ‘ole gay romance writer. Can’t throw a rock without hitting one of those these days. Not that I recommend people throwing rocks at anyone…on any day. I never could wrap my brain around that whole stoning thing people used to enjoy back in the old B.C. It sounds exhausting! Chasing people around carrying arm loads of rocks while trying to hit a, no doubt, moving target? That is some old testament P90-X, right? Cardio and weight training from hell…that will likely get you sent there? No thanks!

And strangely enough, that rant STILL somewhat actually answers your original question, lol.

G: I just started reading your books recently, but you have been on my TBR pile for quite some time. Your books are M/M and you are able to capture humor and romance in a way that a lot of authors in the genre don’t. Is that something you strive for or just part of your writing style?

E: Hopefully a little of both. Despite sounding like a Beauty Pageant contestant bucking for Miss Congeniality, I truly and sincerely love hearing that something I’ve written has made someone else laugh. Hell…even if their laughing and making fun of it, at least their laughing. : ) But it does make me feel good, to know that. So I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t something I strove for, but I think it does come somewhat naturally to me. Some days more so than others, however, when I make myself laugh I feel like someone else out there will find it funny as well.

G: How did you get into writing?

E: Totally by accident – took a Gen-Ed writing class in college and despite having had three and half years of Interior Design under my belt, I changed my major and never looked back.

G: You just released a book last week. Can you share with us part of your inspiration for writing “Second Time Lucky”?

E: STL is about old boyfriends from college who run into one another 15 years later and get a second chance to try it all over again. A do-over of sorts. It was loosely inspired by my first college boyfriend who I still remember fondly to this day. The character of Luke Landon was inspired by a friend who passed away from AIDS back in the mid-nineties… another guy I once carried a bit of a torch for. We were never more than friends as he wasn’t carrying a torch for me, but he had this amazing charisma…was so much fun to be around…and he was a wild man when he drank too much.

I borrowed a few of those qualities for Luke and retooled that college ex of mine for the character of Owen and a story was born!

G: Is there one of your books that holds an extra special place in your heart?

E: I think most of them do for various reasons. Self Preservation was my first published book, but Dreaming of You was the first book I ever completed. The character of Julian from As You Are is shades of my own personality from when I was in my twenties – naïve, stubborn, unwilling to alter my vision of what life would be and what a relationship should look like. Part of me still respects and even mourns the death of that version of myself. But that’s part of growing up, I guess, letting go of the things you once fought for and thought were so important, only to realize later…not so much.

At Piper’s Point is very personal to me as well, has some of my relationship with my own grandmother mixed in there. I think it was my way of letting go of her in a small way, hopefully with some reverence. Sadie isn’t exactly a carbon copy of my Grams, but I think I captured a bit of her with Sadie – certainly her strong spirit.

With the Summit City Series (Sno Ho & Life in Fusion) it all comes down to the character of Boone. He’s so much fun for me to write! No one makes me laugh as much as Boone. He’s the most well-meaning smart-ass ever.

G: You’re one of the sponsoring authors of GRL, would you like to share with our readers a little about what that is?

E: It’s a Gay or M/M romance lit convention, though it’s modeled more like a retreat than your typical con. It’s organized by myself, Carol Lynne, Theresa A, JP Bowie & Kelly Shorten. This year we’ll be in Albuquerque New Mexico in October, at which point we’ll be announcing the 2013 location. We have about 140 authors coming and fifteen or more publishers, many of whom are helping sponsor all the food, events, and parties. We are grateful for their support. There’s author book readings, author Q&A’s, Publisher spotlights where readers and authors have the opportunity to meet the people behind the publishing houses, we do a massive book signing, along with several meals, and a different late night party each evening featuring hunky go-go boys, Karaoke and even a Piano Bar. It’s very interactive with readers, authors & publishers all mingling together for three and a half days of fun. I’ve placed the website below for anyone who would like to check it out further.

GayRomLit Retreat Website:

G: One question we like to ask people here on our site is: what is your guilty pleasure?

E: TV for sure, though there seems to be less and less of it that I find myself wanting to watch. Too much reality crap and not enough scripted! It’s so sad.

I’m also addicted to those cursed white yogurt covered pretzel thingys…they’re like f’ing crack!

G: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

E: Um…I have some of those cursed white yogurt covered pretzel thingys handy? No? They’re really yummy. : )

G: Thank you so very much for taking the time to be with us, it was truly a pleasure!

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Is there anyone you would like “Do Over” with?

One lucky commenter will win a digital copy of one of Ethan’s back list.  Winner will be selected using on  6/18.

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18 thoughts on “Gennie’s Interview with Ethan Day

  1. OMG…seriously funny interview and Ethan is a “new to me” author that I’m off to Amazon to check out. If his interview made me laugh this hard, I can only imagine what his books are like. Thanks Gennie for the great interview and thank you Ethan for stopping by even if you didn’t bring those white yogurt pretzel thingys to share! As for a Do Over, nope….I only look forward and the best is yet to come!

  2. I love Ethan’s books. They’re all on my to read list and I’m slowly acquiring and reading them.

    I have no interest in a Do Over with anyone from my past. Well… maybe that’s not true. There were a couple of one-nighters that weren’t worth the time or effort, I should have just gone home alone and taken care of it myself 😉

  3. Sorry – forgot to comment about a Do Over. Yes – I think there are a few people that I never ever gave a chance to, and now wished I did.

  4. What a great interview!! I am also running to amazon to get his books!!

    As for a “Do Over”.. There is no one in my past I would like back, but there are a few I would like to go back nd tell myself “Just say no!!!” .. lol

  5. I don’t have anyone in my past that I would want a Do Over with. I try not to live with regret. I’m all about looking forward.

    I adore m/m romance. I read several of the blurbs on your website. They all sound lovely.

  6. I love At Piper’s Point!!

    No Do-Over for me…leave the past in the past, its one of those things that only looks good in books or in movies.

  7. Thanks for chatting with us Ethan. I couldn’t stop laughing and I love the white pretzel thingys too!

    I do have a Do Over….someone I really liked and he was super sweet, but I wasn’t brave enough to stand up to my parents and “go out” with him…..

  8. Great interview. I have to say that since I’ve never been in a serious relationship (or any for that matter…) I don’t really have any “do-overs” in that arena. But if I could go back and get on my anxiety meds like years ago, I totally would.

  9. Thanks for the great interview with Ethan. His books sound terrific. I don’t really have any “do overs”. Everything is as it should be.

  10. Lovely interview – Ethan reminds me of a dear friend.

    No do-overs for me – I’m happy with the way things are.

  11. No, no do overs. First, I always believe in looking forward. Second, I learn from my past to make my future better. But, finally and most important, I have found my one and only and I see no reason for a do over in any aspect of my life.

  12. That was a great interview! I haven’t laughed at an interview in a while! I do have one do over. I see him every now and then as he lives in Colorado and I live in Illinos. Oh well. In my dreams

  13. Fun interview! I have never read any of Ethan Day’s books but I have heard great things about them. I’ll need to add some to my reading list:)

  14. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Ethan is hilarious and I have faith that you’ll laugh when you read his books as well!!

  15. Thanks to everyone for stopping by today for the interview! I hope everyone had as much fun with it as I did. Sorry I wasn’t able to poke my head in before now, I’ve had my head stuck in a book I’m trying to finish all day. I’m now suffering from lap-top burned out eye ball syndrome, lol.

    I’m so envious of all the non-do over takers, lol.

    My gratitude to Gennie and DiDi for the wonderful review and for hosting me on the site – very much appreciated, ladies. : )

  16. Good interview 🙂

    Yes, I have do-overs, either wishing for or wishing I didn’t. I can’t see not getting through life without that happening, it’s inevitable because nothing is perfect.

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